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Public Administration

Public Administration

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Course Description

* Academic Year
GEB1107 English Communication: Pre-Intermediate
This course is a Pre-intermediate level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1108 English Communication: Intermediate
This course is an intermediate level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1109 English Communication: Advanced
This course is an advance level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1113 Crossover Course 2: Natural Sciences and Computer Science
The series of crossover courses is planned to offer underclassmen the opportunity to explore other academic fields. This course is designed for humanities and social science students with a focus on natural sciences including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. This course provides students with knowledge and insight into how science and technology impacts our lives and influences our future.
GEB1114 Crossover Course 3: Economics, Business and Law
The series of crossover courses is planned to offer underclassmen the opportunity to explore other academic fields. This course is open to students across all departments with a focus on economics, business and law. This course provides students with the skills and knowledge to become an active member of society and to participate in a professional community.
GEB1115 Phronesis Seminar Ⅰ : Value Formation & Career Exploration
The "Phronesis Seminar I" course is designed to satisfy the needs of freshmen and to improve the existing problems of "Inha Freshman Seminar". This course focuses on the university’s philosophy and vision, campus life, curriculum and specific features of chosen academic fields, and provides students with the tools for academic success.
GEB1125 Writing and Discussion in the Social Sciences and Humanities
This class will study basic abilities about reading, speaking, and writing. It also intends to cultivate students as cultured people, who have integrated thought capabilities, to learn practical discussion.
GEB1131 Common Chinese Character
This class will study practical Chinese character to meet present-day needs and to develop knowledge as cultured person.
GEB1201 Practical English : Listening and Speaking
The aim of this English listening and speaking course is to challenge students to consider present-day questions in modern society. Students will have many opportunities to improve all areas of their English language skills on the intermediate level.
GEB1202 Practical English: Reading and Writing
The course aims to give English learners practical knowledge of English to help them to adapt to the real work environment. Handsome knowledge of vocabulary, correct use of English language (grammar), understanding of audio-visual materials as well as reading contents, and the ability to write different types of documents or essays are needed to make the goal a real thing. Besides, it aims to help English learners to function properly and actively in the business world in terms of communication.
GEB1203 Advanced College English
This course is an upper-intermediate level English course for the 2nd year students. It is designed to improve students’ proficiency in English so that they can communicate in English based on what they read on various topics.
PAD2101 Economic policy
A variety of issues in the modern society are waiting for the economic way of thinking to suggest the path through which a better society could be reached. There are many problems, so-called social problems that the political system and government are finally going to choose as public issues to be solved by public policy. In our study are included such public policies as alleviating human misery like poverty, government control of prices, the appropriate level of pollution, prevention of crime,
PAD2102 Public economics
Public Economics is the procedure to study the effect of governmental finance composed of public expendures and taxation on national economy. Governmental or public finance functioning as an application of economics has acted its rationale for the overall economy basically in three ways; an efficient allocation of resources, an equitable distribution of income, and economic growth and stability. According to such ways to contribute to the economy, this curriculum tries to study subjects like
PAD2103 Public Enterprises
First of all, this course will explore two dimensions of public enterprise, publicness and business in character, since this examination will make it possible to derive the characteristics of public enterprise. After that, it will propose its definition and specifically discuss its operating philosophy, leading to understanding its organizational structures, personnel and financial issues, investment decisions, budget systems, pricing policy, performances measurements, etc.. Also, it investigate
PAD2108 psychology of decision making
PAD2111 The Public Policy Process:Theory & Practice
PAD2112 Organizational Theory
PAD2113 Local Autonomy
This course deals with administrative matters of local government as a democratic administrative structure. Topics to be considered include the types, historical developments, organization, personnel affairs, finance and regional developments of local governments.
PAD2114 Introduction to Korean Government
Introductory review of the historical development of Korean government institutions; analysis of present government systems in Korea; discussion of future problems of Korean government.
PAD2115 Philosophy of Public Administration
This course provides the core values and beliefs that form the foundation of public administration. Describe leadership and decision making style (authoritative, democratic, situational, etc.) and explain why this style is the most effective in public administration. State the greatest challenges and rewards of administrative work in public contexts.
PAD2116 Readings in Public Administration 2
PAD2117 Constitutional law
-The fundamental principles of Constitutional law (ex : Democracy, Constitutionalism ...) -Human rights (ex : the human dignity and worth, right to pursue happiness, civil liberties, right of equality, welfare rights) -The organization and function of the goverment -The National Assembly, President, Executive Branch, Court, Constitutional Court
PAD2118 Urban Questions
There are many problems that housing issues, transportation issues, environmental issues, crime issues as well as unemployment and poverty in urban. This phenomenon is due to concentrate the population to urban. Urban problems are a global problem and the severity is threatening the global environment. Urban Questions diagnose the cause of urban problems and try to find ways to political solve.
PAD2120 Introduction to the Law
The aim of this class is that students can see the general theory of law. The teaching method is showing of the general theory of law by answering to many questions. The effect of this class is that students can answer to real legal disputes.
PAD2121 Regulatory Administration
This course is to make students understand government regulations and regulatory administration. First of all, it will examine the factors caused to the rise and expansion of government regulations in economic, political and social terms. Then, it will present the definition, operating process, purposes, legal bases and effects of government regulations. On those grounds, it will present the types of regulatory reform and propose the direction of regulatory reform in which governments move forwa
PAD2122 Understanding Public Policy through Reading Classics
Policy research & evaluation is an important subject and all students should be well versed in the basic concepts and techniques of the discipline. The product of policy analysis is usable knowledge that informs decision makers; this advice can come in a variety of forms and is performed by a wide range of practitioners in the public, private, and nonprofit sector. This course is designed to expose students to the art and science of policy analysis from both a philosophical and technical perspec
PAD2123 Welfare Policy
This course is a study on the general understanding of social welfare policies. The three parts of social welfare policy study, the process, the product, the performance is introduced in this course.
PAD2201 NGO & Government
This course aims to understand the concept, formation and process of development of civic society and NGO’ academically. Students in this course will study topics on ‘the relations between state and civic society and market and civic society’, ‘the role of NGO’ and ‘governance and citizen’s participation.’. This course will also cover the history of Korean civic movement and issues related to NGOs with illustration of specific cases. Through the course, we will expand our understanding on how Ko
PAD2202 Multicultural Societies &Public Administration
Understanding multicultural families in the heart of multicultural society and recognizing the status of multicultural children and adolescents and surveying actual conditions of administrative support and multicultural education to solve the multicultural problems in Korea and other countries.
PAD2204 General Principles of Civil Law
PAD2205 Social Security Studies
This course is to study the basic ideas and meaning of social security policies, which are representative social welfare policies in industrialized society. This course treats the issues on experiences, the present situations, the problems, and the prospects of our country and a developed welfare state.
PAD2206 Public Personnel Administration
This course reexamines the historical development and fundamental theories of personnel administration in the public sector and explores the recruitment system, education and training, loyalty and security, performance rating, political neutrality, public employees' union from a comparative perspective.
PAD2207 Electronic Government
PAD2208 Public Policy and Ideology
PAD2209 Foundation of Public Policy
1. Understand issues, problems, and challenges associated with public policy 2. Analyze policy problems, find creative solutions to the problems 3. Communite the results of the analysis
PAD2210 Political Economy
Political Economy has its main interest in social science particularly which Marx, Engels and Lenin tried to articulate in the modern society. Such science must entail fundamental criticism of capitalism and overcome its success and failure together. Furthermore, this curriculum also tries to suggest some alternatives to capitalism, for example socialism and communism that have basic tenets as science for human wellbeing. However the different roads from capitalist society have ever been charact
PAD2211 Organizational Behavior
Organizational Behavior is a field of study that researches the impacts of individuals, groups and structures on organizational member behavior within an organization. The purpose of this is to improve an organization’s effectiveness with applying such knowledge.
PAD2213 Administrative Law
PAD2214 Reading in Public Administration 1
PAD2215 Topics in Public Administration 1
Focuses mainly on developing a more complete understanding of actual public administration not fully achieved through other courses, with experienced guest speakers from different government agencies giving lectures on their topics of expertise. The lectures deal with theoretical discussions of the qualitative method as well as its practice as a requirement for researchers.
PAD2216 Topics in Public Administration 2(Capstone Design)
Focuses mainly on developing a more complete understanding of actual public administration not fully achieved through other courses, with experienced guest speakers from different government agencies giving lectures on their topics of expertise. The lectures deal with theoretical discussions of the qualitative method as well as its practice as a requirement for researchers.
PAD2218 Public Sector Problem-Solving Theories
This course provides an introduction to public policy and the practice of policy analysis. The course considers a number of fundamental public policy questions. Those include 1) what are the rationales for collective interference in private affairs? 2) what are the limitations to collective actions? 3) what are the generic instruments of public policy? 4) what are the appropriate roles of policy analysts in democratic societies?
PAD3101 Introduction to Police Administration
PAD3102 Bureaucracy
This course deals with concepts and theories of public bureaucracy. It examines how traditional bureaucracy is transformed to modern public personnel administration. It includes empirical study on social origins and values of Korean public officials.
PAD3103 Urban Development and Policy
This course covers theories and processes of urban development and policy; urban problems and policy responses in metropolitan area, within an institutional and political framework
PAD3104 Welfare State
This course focuses in the evolution and structure of the welfare state in leading countries; the historical factors and other socio-economic and political forces that influenced the development of social welfare policies and programs.
PAD3105 Comparative Study of Social Policy
This class discusses the conceptual and analytical challenges for cross-national social policy research and considers the strategies and approaches that may contribute to an understanding of the complexity of contemporary social change.
PAD3106 Social Psychology
PAD3108 Financial Administration
This course is to examine the principles for the efficient allocation in available resources of governments, and explore analytical techniques for the financial activities of governments. Then, for presenting the methods for the utilization of governments' financial resources, it provides three kinds of classifications of resources, by funds, organizational units and programs. Since it will provide students with the opportunity to understand such government budgeting systems as line-item, perfor
PAD3111 Theory of Administration Reform
PAD3112 Colloquium in Public Administration 2(Capstone Design)
tHe part about public policy and policy analysis will be reviewed and a verity of exercises about that will be done in the first three weeks. the contents about social equity and social inenqulity, the heart part of this course, will be started with the comparision of sex, employment, racial, etc, firstly. And then, the consequences of social inequality will be discussed. As the conclusion of the study of social inequality, the discussion on justice will be talked by refering to the popy
PAD3113 Environmental Policy
This course will examine key topics associated with environmental policy, defined as strategies by which governments attempt to control environmental pollution. The class will begin with a review of the occurrence origin of environmental problems, followed by an analysis of key legal and constitutional issues involved with environmental policy. The class will then review techniques for evaluating environmental policy, focusing on the cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact assessment, input-
PAD3114 Big Data Policy Design & Analysis,Capstone Design
This course is designed for undergraduate students above junior level which combine theories and analysis tools. The course deals with issues of hyper-connected society, big data, policy design, and big data analysis techniques. It also practices real policy cases through a big data analysis and design thinking methods. Students are expected to actively participate in the class discussion and to read related articles and materials introduced in this course work.
PAD3115 Quantitative Analysis
Social statistics is a study field of human behavior in a social environment. This uses statistical measurement systems. And this can be accomplished through polling a group of people, evaluating a subset of data obtained about a group of people, or by observation and statistical analysis of a set of data that relates to people and their behaviors.
PAD3116 Government Accounting
In the attempt to improve the transparency and efficiency in the operation of financial resources, government moves towards the adoption of the accrual basis for expense in government accounting system. The transformation of government accounting system from single-entry to double-entry bookkeeping is expected to facilitate the measurement of financial performances and to maintain the healthy financial situation of government.
PAD3117 Information Policy
Focuses on understanding the concept of "Electronic Government" including public management information system and information policy. Topics covered include information age reform, management of information systems, evaluating information systems, cyber governance, information policies, information resource management, and other critical issues in theories and practice.
PAD3118 Environment and Risk Society
This course focuses on government environmental reform movement and business environmental strategies that respond to global market competition and global environmental regulatory regimes. Government environmental reform movement is designed to accommodate some businesses’ environmental behavior that undertakes pro-active and environmentally responsible actions, often surpassing extant regulatory requirement.  
PAD3202 Urban Planning
PAD3203 Urban Sociology
This course will focus on the issues involving sociological and systemic thought as it relates to the city. Class begin with looking at the urban problems, and focus also on the development of theory on the urban patterns over time. Following this, class focus on the construction and political meaning of urban space, and its meaning and interaction with urban citizen.
PAD3204 Urban Administration
This class provides the required theories and methodology in order to promote democratic governance, advocacy, transparency and accountability in Urban Local Governments
PAD3205 Urban Environment Planning(Problem Solving)
Urban environment has become an important political issue since the World Commission on Environment and Development. This course will examine key topics associated with urban environmental issue such as a theory of sustainable urban development, indicators to evaluate quality of urban environment, Local Agenda 21 precesses in Korea. Also, this course will examine urban climate, green space, environmental-friendly transportation, telecommunications and urban environment etc.
PAD3206 Future Society and Government
PAD3208 Government and Market
This class is designed to provide a balance to the focus on scientific approach that has come to dominate economic theories. By integrating economic analysis with political theory, government theory and sociological theory, this class attempts to reveal the underlying value judgement and ideological commitments that inspire discussion over public policy.
PAD3209 Analysis Theory of Policy
PAD3210 Seminar in Organization & Management
PAD3211 Organizational Management and Leadership
PAD3212 Local Finance
This course introduces major topics in the field of local public finance. In so doing, the course will build on theoretical underpinnings of local public finance and decentralization. Then, it covers such topics as local budgeting process, revenue and expenditure management, debt management, medium-term financial planning, cost benefit analysis, local public enterprise management, and accounting. By covering these topics, the course is designed to equip students with major tools in achieving eff
PAD3213 Korean Public Administration
This course deals with the theoretical and empirical aspects of the relationship between politics and public administration in Korea. The development and structure of the modern state bureaucracy will be reviewed with political changes from 1945 to now.
PAD3214 Colloquium in Public Administration(1)
PAD3215 Public Policy Philosophy and Theory
This course is designed to expose students to the art and science of public policy from both a philosophical and technical perspective. Students will also be exposed to the basic concepts, tools, and techniques used by analysts in today’s public organizations. Students will understand a foundation of public policy.
PAD3216 ICT/Based Local Public Service Design(Problem Solving)
This lecture aims to solve problems in the public service sector and develop new public service model and ICT business model by using ICT to promote not only public interest but also industrial innovation and social problem solving. To do this, students learn about ICT-based business model methodology, environmental analysis methodology, shared economy, and social enterprise.
PAD4101 Case Study in Korean Public Administration
PAD4201 Seminar in Korean Public Administration
This course introduces various theories and perspectives of modern social psychology along with concepts of perception, personality, attitude, behavior, conformity, groups, social cognition and social interaction.
SOS1101 Introduction to Public Administration
Focuses on understanding what public administration is (object of study), why it is studied (development process), and how it is studied (approaches). Gives a brief introduction o f the fields composing public administration. Lays the foundation for would-be public administration majors and other social science majors.
SOS1102 Introduction to Political Science
SOS1104 An Introduction to Sociology
SOS1107 The Principles of Economics
Defines the principles of economic consumption and production. Examines how prices are determined in perfect, independent, and imperfect competition markets respectively.
SOS1108 Methodology of Social Science
Orientation to basic social science concepts as analytical tools for the study of continuities and change in social and individual behavior. Influence of family, school, and the market. Social construction of self and selected aspects of the life course including childhood, love, and death. Also includes various perspectives of social sciences as science.
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