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Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design

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Course Description

* Academic Year
ARS1001 Art through Journey
1. Examine the meaning and techniques of each art work taking advantage of a lot of slides 2. Attract active participation from students (If necessary, quiz and question time will be carried out) 3. Parallel with field trips(Total will be twice: one is Gallery and Museum in Incheon/another is National Museum of Korea)
ARS1002 Art in the age of digital technology
After 1990s, modern art market (both photography and fine art) experienced enormous changes. The relationship between producer and consumer changed. Compare to the past where the museum purchased art objects in the sense of public interest, individual consumers increased and art interpreted as investment rather than collections in modern era. The course deals with modern art in popular culture and the nature of photography aesthetic.
ARS1103 Leisure & Life
The philosophical basis of leisure, perspective of leisure, and functional perspective of leisure.
ARS1104 Power Body Plan
ARS1105 Social Aspects of sport in Modern Society
ARS1113 Performing art & popular culture
ARS1114 Understanding of performing
ARS1505 The life and the art in the opera
Appreciating the opera works with the audio-visual materials. Going to the live opera performances. Learning the famous arias.
ARS1600 World of Fashion Brand
Studying overview of fashion and fashion brand. Understanding definitions, scopes and current issues of a variety of fashion brands. Studying advertising and promotional strategies of fashion brand.
ARS1601 Fashion Design & Style
This course is designed to study the concepts of fashion and style, categories of fashion, and relationships between fashion, society, culture and art. Throughout fashion design process, students will also be able to grasp fashion designer's work, and find out their own styles via illusion and styling.
CDN1124 Design History
In this class, we will look at the characteristics of major design styles and design movements in design history, the issues of the times, and designers' lives and works. This will lay the foundation for understanding the field of graphic design and typography.
CDN1247 Animation & Storytelling
In order to make good delivery of a story, students will understand various methods for storytelling and create their own story plans. The class will focus on recognizing the new perspectives used in animation such as drawing, object, cutouts and other methods and acquire programming knowledge for digital production that can be further applied to each individual student's story.
CDN1305 Basic Design
The class will explore the process at which visual communication is formed on a given subject through overall details, area, field and case studies of visual design. Additionally, students will improve their idea generation and expression through experimental practices on awareness and visualization of form and the power of message delivery.
CDN1310 Design Principles
The class will focus on understanding and research the basic components that make up a design, dot, line and surface, and understand and research the method at which such factors interconnect to create a balance and unity of the work as a whole. By categorizing the form and structure of an object by its type, students will develop new forms through mix and modification of artificial and natural, simple and complex
CDN1320 Photography & Moving Images
The class offers students to understand the principles and structures of photographs and videos that are becoming one of the important foundational medium currently. Furthermore, students will learn to appreciate various works in order to enhance their ability to interpret and appreciate various photographs and its mechanisms. Furthermore, the class will center around production projects and work creation that allows students to express their ideas through images.
CDN2126 Design Seminar
Design seminar class is composed of two parts, issue and grammar. On the issue part, the class takes a look at designers' activities and works in order to understand the current trend and issues in graphic design. On the grammar part, the class allows students to increase their visual literacy through observation and analysis of visual grammar expressed through the current graphic designs.
CDN2248 Animation & Character Design
The class looks into various design methods for planning and developing vivid and lively character contents, and students will express their own character design through 3D modeling. By applying the character to various contents, the class will focus on developing a plan for commercialization and apply it to a story.
CDN2251 Motion Graphics
The following class will look into the aesthetic principles and methods for motion graphics, appreciate, research, and discuss the various methods of technical visual arts utilizes through world's renowned artists and their movies and broadcasts. Students will learn the methods and process for producing such motion graphics, and work on their own.
CDN2314 Typography
Based on the understanding of letters which is a major element of design, the class focuses on the search for visual communication methods through the research into the history of typography,basic understanding of the fundamental components of typography,classification of old typefaces,structure and system of typography, and the relationship between communication and typography.
CDN2315 Advanced Typography
1. Structural understanding of Hangeul type and research into effective methods for communication through experiments 2. Formativeness experiments through the combination of type and visual imaging 3. Typography structural study that can be applied in time and space
CDN2316 Brand Design
The class searches for the components of signs, symbols, marks, emblems, etc. and communication methods based on the understanding of system of visual symbols that have close relationship to brands for people in the modern society. Furthermore, the class suggests new visual image formation based on the details and structure that form a symbol.
CDN2332 Design Programing
The class experiments with design based on programming practices, graphic design, data visualization, sound visualization, etc. through programming. Through such experiments based on programming, students will develop their skills in software and design expression.
CDN2347 Interactive Design
The class focuses on overall understanding of developing web standards and the various interaction languages. Students will study the overall techniques for development in a web environment by learning web design characteristics. Based on web contents development, the class will build the foundation for UI/UX design for devices in the 2nd semester.
CDN2400 Visual Essay
A visual essay is an extended essay using visual language. In this class, students who have undergone basic training course in visualization use visual language to express their thoughts, feelings, opinions, perspectives, and judgments. In order to improve design literacy, students select keywords related to contemporary design culture, collect and analyze appropriate data, and write visual essays.
CDN3115 Community Design (Capstone Design)
Local community is a good subject for designers. From the community, designers can realize the complexities of the real world and learn the principles of the real world. Incheon is a city that compressively embraces the turbulent modern and contemporary history of Korea. Incheon's eight districts and two counties have different life cycles, so students can discover various research themes. In this class, students research Incheon fro
CDN3252 Broadcasting Motion Design
Through the class, students will be able to understand the trends in digital image design and try to understand the future changes in broadcasting. By understanding the aesthetic principles of images and production technique, students will attempt to plan and create various image projects such as advertisements, music videos, documentaries, etc.
CDN3257 Illustration
The class researches into the understanding of illustration as a visual language and a method for creative and unique expression.
CDN3317 Identity Design
By selecting a theme or organization, students will develop an appropriate C.I. in order to study the various possibilities of visual symbolism. Additionally, students will understand and experience the design process and execution through a systematic C.I. development process. For this, the class will study the definition, production, history, structure, development process, and case studies of identities, and work on the design of individual items in parallel.
CDN3328 Advertising Design
Lectures on the role of advertisement design Project A Data collection and study on conceptual shifts in the IT generation (Foreign case studies) Project B,C Research and work on advertisement design for IT (Research in designer's individualization) Project D,E Change of thought in IT (Commercialization)
CDN3330 Editorial Design
Design factors, form, type and layout are some of the major principles for increasing visual representation in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, leaflets, and other print media as well as the online web, homepages, and CD-ROM. The class offers students to learn such fundamentals and structural basics and allows them to participate in visual communication through studio practices.
CDN3333 Physical Computing
Through the acquisition of physical computing skills, students will be able to overcome their limitations on design expression, and produce creative design works. The class is an intensive course on the web design process, and will force students to try experimental interactive methods for creative communication beyond just online communication.
CDN3348 UI/UX Design (Capstone Design)
Students will explore the developing environment of UI/UX design, collect and understand the developing data, and learn the overall communication and production process of UI/UX development with a working designer.
CDN3353 Advanced Identity Design
Students will participate and research in individual projects in order to look into the application and expansion of fundamental factors for identity in visual communication. Furthermore, the class suggests new communication methods that allows the students to express unique atmosphere and style for a particular subject when working on new visual expressions.
CDN3355 Entertainment Design (Capstone Design)
The class takes a look at the entertainment industry and field that develops along with media. The class allows students to plan and learn creative and business mind for developing their own contents in various fields such as games, animation, webtoons, films, music, performance and others.
CDN4100 Design Business and Entrepreneurship
The class lectures allow students to understand design related business tasks and methods of multinationals, design consulting companies, advertisement agencies, multimedia production companies and others. Students will expand their perspective and knowledge of different roles and tasks. Through special lectures from industry experts and case studies, students will have a greater understanding of the design business management. Based on such understanding, students will present business plans of
CDN4200 Design Innovation (Problem Solving)
The purpose of this class is to develop the ability to access creative projects based on design thinking. Students study the value and meaning of creativity and innovation and incorporate it into their design projects. And students develop new business model or design ideas through team-based research and case study.
CDN4347 Graphic Project
The class will be involved in individual's subject selection for exhibition, its details, and process of development in order to prepare for the class' final degree exhibition.
CDN4356 Media Contents Projects (Capstone Design)
Graduation project based on media and contents are planned and exhibited. The class should increase planning abilities for expressing their ideas through various media that the students created themselves such as visual images, games, publications, web, mobile, etc.
CDN4408 Portfolio
The class will focus on preparing a portfolio that takes in various works so far and expresses the individual's identity.
GEB1107 English Communication: Pre-Intermediate
This course is a Pre-intermediate level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1108 English Communication: Intermediate
This course is an intermediate level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1109 English Communication: Advanced
This course is an advance level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1111 Inha Freshman Seminar
This seminar is a required course for all freshmen. It is designed to support a successful transition to campus life and provide an opportunity for freshmen to understand their aptitude and potential, and to set academic and career goals. This course focuses on the university’s philosophy and vision, campus life, curriculum and specific features of chosen academic fields, and provides students with the tools for academic success.
GEB1113 Crossover Course 2: Natural Sciences and Computer Science
The series of crossover courses is planned to offer underclassmen the opportunity to explore other academic fields. This course is designed for humanities and social science students with a focus on natural sciences including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. This course provides students with knowledge and insight into how science and technology impacts our lives and influences our future.
GEB1114 Crossover Course 3: Economics, Business and Law
The series of crossover courses is planned to offer underclassmen the opportunity to explore other academic fields. This course is open to students across all departments with a focus on economics, business and law. This course provides students with the skills and knowledge to become an active member of society and to participate in a professional community.
GEB1125 Writing and Discussion in the Social Sciences and Humanities
This class will study basic abilities about reading, speaking, and writing. It also intends to cultivate students as cultured people, who have integrated thought capabilities, to learn practical discussion.
GEB1131 Common Chinese Character
This class will study practical Chinese character to meet present-day needs and to develop knowledge as cultured person.
GEB1201 Practical English : Listening and Speaking
The aim of this English listening and speaking course is to challenge students to consider present-day questions in modern society. Students will have many opportunities to improve all areas of their English language skills on the intermediate level.
GEB1202 Practical English: Reading and Writing
The course aims to give English learners practical knowledge of English to help them to adapt to the real work environment. Handsome knowledge of vocabulary, correct use of English language (grammar), understanding of audio-visual materials as well as reading contents, and the ability to write different types of documents or essays are needed to make the goal a real thing. Besides, it aims to help English learners to function properly and actively in the business world in terms of communication.
GEB1203 Advanced College English
This course is an upper-intermediate level English course for the 2nd year students. It is designed to improve students’ proficiency in English so that they can communicate in English based on what they read on various topics.
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