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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
ACE9501 Vertically Integrated Project 1 ACE9502 Vertically Integrated Project 2
ACE9503 Vertically Integrated Project 3 MEG1074 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
MEG1270 Creative Engineering Design MEG1271 Statics
MEG1272 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting MEG2073 Electric Circuit and Practice
MEG2074 Materials Science & Engineering MEG2076 Linear Algebra
MEG2101 Mechanics of Materials 1 MEG2120 Thermodynamics 1
MEG2160 Dynamics 1 MEG2250 Fluid Mechanics 1
MEG3013 Computer Aided Drafting MEG3077 Numerical Analysis
MEG3078 Experiments in Mechanical Engineering A MEG3079 Experiments in Mechanical Engineering B
MEG3082 Experiments for Manufacturing Process MEG3104 Machine Element Design
MEG3110 Manufacturing Process I MEG3175 Probability & Statistics
MEG3185 General Design of Mechanical Engineering 1 MEG3286 General Design of Mechanical Engineering 2
MEG4080 Capstone Design in Mechanical Engineering MEG4183 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering 1
MEG4187 Special Lecture in Mechanical Engineering MEG4284 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering 2
MEG3106 Engineering Materials MEG3115 Process Design in Metal Forming
MEG3116 Kinematics of Machinery MEG3205 Machine Design
MEG3211 Manufacturing Process II MEG4104 Micro/Nano Mechanical Systems
MEG4112 CAD/CAM MEG2202 Mechanics of Material 2
MEG3162 Dynamics 2 MEG3263 Theory of Vibration
MEG4103 Structural Mechanics MEG4105 Fracture Mechanics
MEG4207 Finite Element Method MEG4264 Noise Control Engineering
MEG2221 Thermodynamics II MEG3122 Internal Combustion Engine
MEG3224 Combustion and Air Pollution MEG3227 Heat Transfer
MEG4125 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MEG4129 Power Plant Engineering
MEG4221 Introduction to Power Machinery Engineering MEG4227 Future Automotive Engineering
MEG4228 Renewable Energy Technology MEG3151 Fluid Mechanics 2
MEG3252 Turbomachinery MEG3287 Introduction to Biomechanical Engineering
MEG4153 Fluid Power Engineering MEG4254 Computational Fluids Engineering
MEG3165 Automatic Control MEG3266 Mechanical Measurement
MEG4161 Linear System MEG4162 Automotive Control System
MEG4267 Robotics
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