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Inha University


Polymer Science & Engineering

Polymer Science & Engineering

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Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
PSE1011 Creative Polymer Engineering Design PSE2011 Physical ChemistryⅠ
PSE2021 Physical Chemistry 2 PSE2030 Introduction to Polymers
PSE2041 Organic Chemistry 1 PSE2051 Organic Chemistry 2
PSE2060 Materials Science PSE2070 Chemical Engineering Calculations
PSE3011 Polymer Instrumental Analysis(Capstone Design) PSE3020 Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules(Capstone Design)
PSE3030 Physical Properties of Polymers(Capstone Design) PSE3041 Polymer Laboratory 1(Capstone Design)
PSE3050 Polymer Rheology(Capstone Design) PSE3060 Polymer Colloid
PSE3070 Polymer Processing PSE3081 Polymer Chemistry 1(Capstone Design)
PSE3090 Polymer Chemistry 2 PSE3100 Surface & Interface Chemistry
PSE3110 Chemical Reaction Engineering PSE3120 Understanding of Organic Reaction Mechanisms
PSE3130 Organic Materials Synthesis(Capstone Design) PSE3140 Inorganic Chemistry
PSE3150 Introduction to Programming PSE3160 Physical Chemistry 3
PSE4010 Polymer Nanocomposite Materials PSE4020 Polymer Reaction(Capstone Design)
PSE4040 Capstone Design of Polymer Materials PSE4051 Capstone Design in Polymer Engineering
PSE4060 Functional Polymers PSE4070 Nanoscale Science and Technology
PSE4080 Nano-Bio Polymeric Materials(Capstone Design) PSE4090 Nanochemistry
PSE4100 Petrochemicals and Polymer Synthesis PSE4110 Spectral Analysis of Advanced Materials
PSE4131 Polymer Laboratory 2(Capstone Design) PSE4140 Polymer Research Seminar
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