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English Language Education

English Language Education

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Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
EEG1512 Introduction to English Education & Career research EEG2521 Curriculum & Materials Development in English Education
EEG2610 Logic and Writing in English EEG2612 Theories in TEFL
EEG3370 Development of EFL Teaching Skills EEG3702 Materials and Methods in TEFL (Capstone Design)
EEG4402 English Process-based Assessment EEG4403 English Language Teaching Method
EEG4417 Topics in English Education EEG4801 Community-Based English Learning: Challenges and Opportunities(Problem Solving)
EEG1521 English Listening Comprehension 1 EEG1522 English Reading Comprehension 1
EEG2602 English Reading Comprehension 2 EEG2621 Listening Comprehension 2
EEG2623 English Conversation 1 EEG2624 English Composition 1
EEG3327 English Reading Comprehension 3 EEG3703 English Conversation 2
EEG3704 English Composition 2 EEG4425 English Conversation 3
EEG4426 English Composition 3 EEG1531 Practical English Grammar
EEG2631 Teaching English Pronunciation EEG3346 English Vocabulary Practice
EEG3731 Introduction to English Linguistics EEG3732 English Grammar and its Teaching
EEG4431 Topics in English Linguistics EEG2642 Introduction to English Literature
EEG3741 Teaching British and American Poetry EEG4347 British and American Drama
EEG4804 Reading in English and American Fiction
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