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Public Administration

Public Administration

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Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
PAD2112 Organizational Theory PAD2114 Introduction to Korean Government
PAD2117 Constitutional law PAD2120 Introduction to the Law
PAD2204 General Principles of Civil Law PAD2206 Public Personnel Administration
PAD2209 Foundation of Public Policy PAD2213 Administrative Law
PAD2214 Reading in Public Administration 1 PAD3106 Social Psychology
PAD3108 Financial Administration PAD3115 Quantitative Analysis
PAD2103 Public Enterprises PAD2113 Local Autonomy
PAD2115 Philosophy of Public Administration PAD2116 Readings in Public Administration 2
PAD2201 NGO & Government PAD2202 Multicultural Societies &Public Administration
PAD2207 Electronic Government PAD2211 Organizational Behavior
PAD2215 Topics in Public Administration 1 PAD2216 Topics in Public Administration 2(Capstone Design)
PAD3101 Introduction to Police Administration PAD3102 Bureaucracy
PAD3108 Financial Administration PAD3111 Theory of Administration Reform
PAD3112 Colloquium in Public Administration 2(Capstone Design) PAD3204 Urban Administration
PAD3206 Future Society and Government PAD3210 Seminar in Organization & Management
PAD3211 Organizational Management and Leadership PAD3212 Local Finance
PAD3213 Korean Public Administration PAD3214 Colloquium in Public Administration(1)
PAD4101 Case Study in Korean Public Administration PAD4201 Seminar in Korean Public Administration
PAD2101 Economic policy PAD2102 Public economics
PAD2108 psychology of decision making PAD2111 The Public Policy Process:Theory & Practice
PAD2118 Urban Questions PAD2121 Regulatory Administration
PAD2122 Understanding Public Policy through Reading Classics PAD2123 Welfare Policy
PAD2205 Social Security Studies PAD2208 Public Policy and Ideology
PAD2209 Foundation of Public Policy PAD2210 Political Economy
PAD2218 Public Sector Problem-Solving Theories PAD3103 Urban Development and Policy
PAD3104 Welfare State PAD3105 Comparative Study of Social Policy
PAD3113 Environmental Policy PAD3117 Information Policy
PAD3118 Environment and Risk Society PAD3202 Urban Planning
PAD3203 Urban Sociology PAD3205 Urban Environment Planning(Problem Solving)
PAD3208 Government and Market PAD3209 Analysis Theory of Policy
PAD3215 Public Policy Philosophy and Theory PAD3216 ICT/Based Local Public Service Design(Problem Solving)
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