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Global Finance and Banking

Global Finance and Banking

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Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
GFB2101 Microeconomics GFB2102 Macroeconomics
GFB2103 Business English 1 GFB2104 Business English 2
GFB3101 Practical English for Finance and Banking GFB3102 Current Business Topics
GFB3103 Understanding of Financial Services GFB3104 Seminar in Finance and Economy (Problem Solving)
GFB4101 Financial Information DB Practice GFB4102 Financial Ethics
GFB2201 Introductory Econometrics for Finance GFB3201 Financial Derivatives
GFB3202 Financial Time Series Analysis GFB3203 Financial Engineering
GFB3204 Computer Programming GFB4201 Actuarial Science
GFB3301 Valuation GFB3302 Risk Management
GFB3404 Analysis of Stock and Fixed Income Securities GFB4301 Asset Management
GFB2401 Financial Market GFB3401 Financial Institution Management
GFB3402 Financial Laws and Systems GFB3403 Money and Banking
GFB3405 International Finance and Banking GFB4401 Insurance
GFB4402 Investment Banking GFB4403 Understanding of Real Estate Finance
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