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Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
STS2017 Methods of Statistical Analysis STS3012 Time Series Analysis and Lab
STS3014 Sampling Theory and Lab STS3015 Experimental Design Lab
STS3016 Categorical Data Analysis STS4010 Nonparametric Statistics
STS4011 Introduction to stochastic process STS2001 Statistical Software and Lab
STS2008 Statistical Computing STS2040 Database
STS2041 Data Structure STS2044 Statistical Computing Lab
STS4042 Bayesian Inference and Decision Theory STS4043 Data Mining(Capstone Design)
STS2021 Social Research Methods STS3019 Multivariate Statistics and Lab
STS4020 Statistical Consultation STS4021 Data Analysis for capstone design
STS4022 Topics in Applied Statistics STS4026 Bio-informatics
STS4034 Survival Analysis and Lab STS9423 Statistics Field work 1
STS9427 Statistics Field work 2 STS9428 Statistics Field work 3
STS3030 Actuarial Statistics I STS4031 Actuarial Statistics II
STS4033 Financial Statistics STS4035 Statistics for Risk Management
STS4432 Financial Data Analysis STS3050 Statistical Quality Control
STS4051 Reliability Theory STS4053 6- Sigma Quality Management
STS2004 Regression Analysis STS2006 Regression Analysis Lab
STS2018 Probability STS2019 Statistical Mathematics
STS3003 Experimental Design (Capstone Design) STS3005 Mathematical Statistics I
STS3060 Mathematical Statistics II
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