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Inha University


Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

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Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
CSE1101 Object-Oriented Programming1 CSE1102 Introduction to Computer Engineering
CSE1103 Object-Oriented Programming2 CSE1105 Creative Computer Engineering Design
CSE2101 Logic Circuits CSE2103 Assembly Language
CSE2104 Internet Programming CSE2105 Computational Linear Algebra in Computer Science
CSE2107 Application Programming in Java CSE2112 Data Structure
CSE3101 Numerical Programming CSE3201 System Programming
CSE3203 Computer Architecture CSE3206 Operating System
CSE3308 System Analysis CSE3309 Problem Solving
CSE4201 Software Engineering CSE4202 Computer Networks
CSE4204 Algorithm CSE4205 Capstone Design in CSE
CSE4308 Computer Security CSE3202 Theory of Programming Language
CSE3205 Automata & Intelligent Computing CSE3302 Microprocessor Application
CSE3303 Unix Programming CSE3304 Embedded Software
CSE3307 Wireless Communications and Networking CSE4312 Compiler Design
CSE3204 Computer Graphics CSE4301 E-Commerce
CSE4303 Game Programming CSE4304 Image Processing & Understanding
CSE4307 Multimedia Computing CSE3102 Applied Probability for Computer Science
CSE3207 Database CSE4302 Artificial Intelligence
CSE4305 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics CSE4314 Data Mining
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