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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

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The department of Aerospace Engineering was founded in 1972, it’s original name being as Department of Aeronautical Engineering. Graduate program was subsequently initiated in 1976 and the department obtained its current name in 1989. In 2009, the department was selected as one of the strategic areas that receive special fund from the University. The department’s objectives are two-folds. One is training students well versed in fundamental engineering knowledge, which will enable them to research and design complex aerospace systems. The other is envisioning direct contributions to the aerospace industry through cutting-edge research. The program offers degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. Currently, the department’s research activities are closely related to the national aerospace R&D projects including aircraft, UAV, helicopter, satellite, and rocket.

Program Goals

The purpose of education is to teach basic knowledge and system integration technologies needed for developing aerospace systems. As a result, the students shall attain abilities to solve problems in aerospace industries with creativity and originality and to play critical roles in national aerospace projects.

Program Objectives

The program objective is to lead students to have knowledge and skills in the following areas

basic knowledge in mathematics, science, and education for life time education
skills in analyzing engineering problems using mathematics and computation
ability for creative thinking and effective communication skills needed for design and development of aerospace systems
knowledge of recent experimental methods and data analysis techniques
awareness of ethics and responsibility as a future leader

Program Information

Undergraduate program of the department is mainly focused on education of fundamental knowledge and the latest computerized engineering technologies for design and analysis of aerospace systems such as aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle, helicopter, satellite, and rocket. The program is constantly trying to improve the quality of education and research in order to maintain its notable academic reputation. Currently, education and research activities of the department can be broadly categorized into the following four fields.

Aerodynamics : High angle of attack aerodynamics, Hypersonic flow analysis, Aerodynamic heating
Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion : Gas turbine, Internal flow analysis, Engine design, Engine performance analysis, Rocket propulsion
(combustion instability, nozzle flow), Air-breathing Engine(scramjet, ramjet)
Flight Mechanics, Guidance, Navigation, and Control : Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle, Development of on-board equipment with redundancy, Low cost IMU/INS package, HILS, Helicopter control system design, Aircraft/Rotorcraft Simulation, Trajectory optimization
Aerospace Structures : Optimal design of aerospace structures, Structural dynamics, Computational mechanics, High performance computing, Composite structures, Spacecraft structures in space environment, Structural health monitoring and repair of aircraft

Vision after Graduation

A degree in Aerospace Engineering from INHA University serves as a gateway to a wide range of careers. Graduates can build their careers in various fields of engineering due to aerospace engineering’s position at the forefront of revolutionary technology developments. Related fields include automobile industry, heavy industry, IT industry, as well as aerospace industry. Further, graduates at higher degree levels have found their career tracks in government national laboratories such as KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and ADD (Agency for Defence Development) or in academia. In every case, graduates have found that the education provided by our department has prepared them exceptionally well for the career of their choice.

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