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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

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The Department of Chemical Engineering provides varied educational and training courses to cultivate the best domestic chemical engineers who can contribute to our society and nation with professional knowledge and conduct.
The Department of Chemical Engineering has begun as one of six original departments in INHA Institute of Technology established in 1954. The Department of Chemical Engineering established an M.S. program in 1958 and a Ph.D. program in 1970.

Program Goals

The purpose of education in the Department of Chemical Engineering is to educate excellent engineers who have practicality and creativity, and contribute to industrial development in the domestic chemical engineering and industrial chemistry. We provides fundamental knowledge of physical and chemical science to promote overall understanding and practical applications in the fields of Chemical Engineering Industries. We also encourage the students to have a balanced education through humanitarian requirements.
Objectives of Education:

Program Objectives

Understanding of basic science and cutting-edge engineering knowledge
Foundation of basic scientific principles
Cultivation of practicability and creativity as a chemical engineer
Introduction to newly developing sciences and engineering industries (energy and environment, nanotechnology, fine chemicals, electronic materials, and others)

Program Information

Freshman : Fundamental subjects including Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and non-science subjects as needed.
Sophomore : Study of basic principles and applications of chemical engineering through experiments as well as mandatory subjects and optional subjects in the chemical engineering major (Engineering Mathematics, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, and others)
Junior : Training to perform independent research by taking various core engineering courses (Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Organic Industrial Chemistry, Inorganic Industrial Chemistry, and others)
Senior : Cultivation of chemical engineers with cutting-edge knowledge by taking various optional subjects (Catalyst Engineering, Plasma Engineering, Process Control, Plant Design, Transport Phenomena, Petrochemical Industry, Chemical Engineering Equipment Design, Semiconductor Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Electrochemical Engineering, and others)

Vision after Graduation

After graduation, various career options are available to the graduates in the fields of oil refineries, petrochemical industries, semiconductor, energy, environment, electronic materials, nuclear energy, water quality control, and other chemical engineering industries related to food, medicine and cosmetics.

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