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Polymer Science & Engineering

Polymer Science & Engineering

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The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, at Inha University, was founded in 1969 as one of the first such departments in the nation. Since then, it has produced some 1,200 engineers and scientists who have played key roles in many leading plastics and petrochemical industries, research institutions and academia nationwide. Graduate programs for the Master’s and Doctoral degrees were launched in 1974. Polymer Science is the study of the synthesis, and characterization of the structure and properties of macromolecules which can be used as plastics, fibers, rubbers, paints, adhesives, or many other advanced materials. In addition to the commodity polymers, high performance polymers have been developed for electronic, optical and biomedical applications in recent years. Also, polymers are now recognized as one of the essential elements for nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology.

Program Objectives

The program offers a comprehensive range of courses in Polymer Science and Engineering, and operates programmes in Petrochemical Engineering, Applied Organic Chemistry, Electronics Materials, Nano & Materials Engineering, Bioengineering, Energy Materials, and Clean & Sustainable Engineering. The study of Polymer Science and Engineering greatly enriches society, but also provides many exciting employment opportunities for graduates who have a sound understanding of the Polymer Science and Engineering and the practical skills to use this knowledge.

Program Information

Basic courses : Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Materials Science and Engineering, Introduction to Polymer Science
Introductory major courses : Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Polymer Rheology, Understanding of Nano-science, Polymer Experimental Lab, Polymer Structure and Characterization, Spectroscopy for Organic materials
Advanced major courses : Advanced Organic Chemistry, Advanced Topics in Polymer Engineering, Comprehensive Design of Polymer Engineering, Advanced Functional Materials, Polymer Reactions, Nano-Bio Polymeric Materials, Polymer Processing, Polymer Colloids, Polymeric Composites

Vision after Graduation

Industrial Company Laboratories
Government-funded research institutes
Industrial companies
University Faculty

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