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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

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Pioneering internationally recognized cutting-edge technology to solve global environmental problems. In all modern industrialized societies, almost every type of environmental pollution is worsening and as a result reducing quality of life. Through the pursuit of higher living standards, human activities such as overexploitation of energy and natural resources, over manufacturing, over construction, and over transportation development there has been a profoundly negative effect on the environment. Environmental engineering endeavors to contribute to providing solutions for these widespread problems, along with improving the quality of life for all.

Program Goals

Educational objectives of Environmental Engineering program are to incubate internationally oriented persons (ethically and personally) who can lead related industrial sectors and technologies demanded in 21st century and solve scientifically environmental pollution problems preserving natural environment. Based on creativity, diligence and fulfillment of the educational objectives of Inha University, environmental pollution problems will be practically solved as well as environmentally well educated persons who serve society will be bred. In addition, it is emphasized for students to develop problem solving skills to address practical environmental issues and to gain expertise in the field through practical use of education whichl correspond with the educational objectives of the Engineering College of Inha University.

Program Objectives

Foster fundamental sense of scholarship for mathematics, chemistry, physics and statistics as well as a broader understanding of social sciences such as economics and law which directly and indirectly influence environmental management. From this, expertise will be interdisciplinary promoted.
Provide professional careers to solve environmental problems creatively by educating in air, water, waste, soil & groundwater and environmental management programs
Promote strong consciousness and ethics regarding the preservation of a sound environment, with the intent of contributing to social benefits rather than personal interest
Incorporate interdisciplinary and international concepts to further enhance communicative skills and knowledge of international affairs

Program Information

This program seeks to prepare and motivate students to face the challenges of environmental engineering and develop technologies which work in harmony with both development and conservation. Courses cover a variety of specialty mainly dealing in various environmental problems resulting from human activities and their solutions and diverse renewable energy technologies for solving environmental problems. That is, air pollution controls, soil and groundwater remediation, waste management and reuse, sewerage and wastewater treatment, water and its conservation as well as environmental management will be educated.It also promotes nanotechnology and material science for the development of new materials for solving the environmental issues. Undergraduate educational program includes water pollution, air pollution, waste and soil pollution, renewable energies as well as environmental management. From this, environmental engineering profession will be promoted. In addition, fundamental subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology etc. are educated to efficiently pursue environmental engineering programs. In Graduate course, problem-solving exercises are provided for our students to exhibit an ability to develop environmental technologies of today and those likely of tomorrow.

Vision after Graduation

Graduates have gone on to careers in domestic and international based industrial sectors, governmental or local governmental bodies, national and international research institutes and universities and as environmental information and policy makers.

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