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Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering


The Department of Architectural Engineering has been providing students with a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of architectural engineering, while also covering various engineering applications vital to creating ideal residences and communities that enrich people’s lives. The education philosophy incorporates the education objectives of the university to meet students’ expectations in the classroom course contents and for their future careers. Accordingly, the objectives of this program also focus on educating students to become leaders who possess a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility based on engineering ethics.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the education program in the department of architectural engineering are to make students have the following abilities and attainments:

Ability to perform the integrated design based on creativity and in-depth knowledge
Attainment to meet the needs of globalization and future vision
Professional responsibility and ethics

Program Information

The education program of the department of architectural engineering covers all engineering aspects of building performance integrated with the building’s architectural requirements. The four year undergraduate degree (B.S.) at the department is nationally recognized as a professional degree that prepares students for a career in the building engineering and construction industry. Undergraduate students receive a solid education in the fundamentals of all building systems in addition to specialized knowledge in an area of their choice (Structural Engineering, Environmental System & Equipments, Construction Engineering and Management). The education program has been continuously improved to provide students with professional knowledge, practical skills, and leadership in globalized industries in accordance with the ABEEK standard. The department also offers the Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in Architectural Engineering. These programs provide an opportunity for in-depth specialization within the context of building engineering and construction.

Vision after Graduation

Since the department provides multidisciplinary engineering education, graduates of the program have various career options in the field of architectural engineering and construction. Graduates of the program commonly build their careers as construction engineers, management specialists, construction supervisors, construction material developers, consultants in real estate and development planning, and high-class engineers such as professional engineer in structural engineering, construction engineering, and architectural equipments. Additionally, they have shown their abilities as instructors in educational institutions, professors in colleges, public officials and researchers in the field of architectural engineering.

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