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English Language Education

English Language Education

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The Department of Foreign Language Education was established in 1973 in order to educate prospective secondary English teachers. In 1982, it was renamed the Department of English Education. Since then, the department has played an important role in educating and producing competent teachers of English in Korea. The Department offers courses which are designed to provide comprehensive and well-rounded professional knowledge in the field of English Education, Literature, and Linguistics. Students benefit from a strong foundation of fundamental teaching knowledge to more specialized courses that improve English proficiency and provide exposure to current trends in Education.

Program Objectives

The program aims to prepare secondary school teachers with sound educational philosophies that the nation and the local community require.
The program aims to prepare English teachers to meet the various educational needs of the globalized world.
The program aims to prepare competent English teachers who are equipped with a balanced knowledge of the major areas of study with exposure to teaching developments from around the world.

Program Information

The curriculum of the Department of English Education is designed to prepare the next generation of leaders, practitioners and researchers in English education to meet the diverse needs of today's competitive international society. Major course work is divided into the following: General Education, English Education, English Literature, English Linguistics, and English Skills. General Education aims to develop and enhance basic teaching skills that must be acquired as an English teacher and includes various courses on pedagogy which are centered around the roles of teachers and guidance of students. English Education helps students to acquire effective teaching and learning methodologies of English. In this area, there are courses such as 「Theories in TEFL」, 「Materials and Methods in TEFL」, 「Testing in English Education」. During 「Teaching Practicum」, students have an opportunity to prepare for in-class teaching through teaching practice in middle and high schools. In addition, 「Teaching English with Multimedia」 provides students with a variety of theories and practices for computer-assisted language teaching, whereby they make an effective, successful adjustment to an educational setting of the future. The areas of English Literature and Linguistics offer academic knowledge of English that must be acquired as an English teacher. They include courses such as 「English Syntax」, 「Introduction to English Linguistics」, and 「Introduction to English Literature」, 「History of English & American Literature」. The area of English Skills offers courses such as 「English Conversation」, 「English Composition」, 「English Listening Comprehension」 and 「English Reading Comprehension」 for students of various levels of proficiency, and facilitates the training towards fluent EFL teachers.

Vision after Graduation

The majority of graduates find their way into graduate school for further study, or teaching jobs in middle and high schools. Other career opportunities include working either as an employee in educational institutions, private companies, mass-media companies, cultural institutions, and aviation companies, or as a public official in government organizations.

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