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Physical Education

Physical Education

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The Department of Physical Education was established in 1978 to prepare students as teachers of middle school physical education in Korea. Over 1,000 students have graduated from the Department since its establishment. Throughout the program there are opportunities for observation, participation, and microteaching experiences with middle school students. The Department also offers Masters and Doctoral programs. The Masters program focuses on the discipline of sport science and physical education and requires both breadth and depth of study. The masters degree may qualify the candidate for a teaching certificate. The Doctoral degree is designed as a disciplinary degree for the development of research scholars.

Program Information

The Department offers a wide range of courses for undergraduates, including both theoretical and physical performance courses. Theoretical courses include Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education, Teaching Methods for Secondary Physical Education, Foundations of Physical Education, Psychology of Sports and Exercise, Health and Physical Fitness Education, Sociology of Sports, Anatomical Basis of Sports and Exercise, Exercise Physiology, Introduction to Exercise Prescription, Research in Physical Education, Technology in Physical Education, Sport Pedagogy in Physical Education, and Leisure and Recreation. Physical performance courses include Track and Field, Teaching Gymnastics, Team Sports, Teaching Dance, Lifetime Physical Activity, Outdoor Activities, and Swimming.

Vision after Graduation

The undergraduate program in the Department of Physical Education is designed for students preparing to teach secondary physical education. With the completion of the requirements for the Physical Education program, students obtain a certification (Level II) for teaching secondary physical education in Korea. The undergraduate Physical Education program is also designed for students preparing for fitness leadership as a career or preparing for graduate programs related to physical education and exercise science.

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