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Social Studies Education

Social Studies Education

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The Department of Social Studies Education, established in 1973, aims to produce secondary school teachers who possess a comprehensive knowledge of Social Studies and the personal and professional adeptness to lead students towards responsible citizenship. The Department offers a balanced social studies program with courses in History, Geography, and Social Science (Politics, Economics, Sociology, Culture Science, Law) and operates teaching methodology curriculum to build up instructing temperament systemically. Graduates get a social studies teacher certificate and also can additionally get common social studies teacher certificate if taking courses of Interdisciplinary.

Objectives of education

The curriculum of the Department of Social Studies Education provides a solid foundation of core subjects and related subjects in the social studies field. General courses cover introduction to Politics, Economics, Sociology, Culture Science, Law, and Teaching Methodology for Social Studies. Interdisciplinary courses are offered in History, Geography, and General Social Science. Elective courses include various theories on Politics, Economics, Sociology, Culture Science, Law, History, Geography and Theories of learning and instruction for Social Studies. Our Department provides learning activities to help students critically analyze materials related to social phenomenon and to make rational decisions as well as provides opportunities to apply social science knowledge to teaching areas. Graduates from our department could grow up to be secondary teachers and educational experts though curriculum.

Vision after Graduation

Secondary education field: graduates find employment in public schools through competent test for appointment or go private schools or alternative schools without test.
Educational institutions: many graduates also have opportunities to work as educational officers, work as business education specialists in HRD. Since our department systemically has many subjects related to official tests.
Private, governmental organizations: few graduates go law-schools and work as lawyers after graduating the schools. And there are other variety fields including advertising, journalism, police and industry.

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