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English Language & Literature

English Language & Literature

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The Department of English Language and Literature was established in 1981 to promote English language competence and to broaden students’ understanding of English culture. Upon graduation, an English major student will have a variety of career opportunities. These include English language instruction, scholarly positions in the academy and professional positions in international relations and cultural exchange.

Program Goals

The primary goal is the training of individuals who are well adapted to the globalization of the world and have a critical understanding of English culture.

Program Objectives

Students are guided through gradual steps of language training to be prepared for their professional needs. These steps will include the processing of information in English and using that information in creative and effective ways.
Students are trained to apply their academic knowledge of English language and literature in professional settings.
Students are taught to be capable of promoting Korean culture in international settings.
Students are directed in acquiring the skills needed to make significant contributions to the study of English literature and linguistics.

Program Information

There are both undergraduate and graduate English major programs. The undergraduate program offers a variety of courses ranging from basic courses such as English Conversation and English Composition to advanced courses in literature and linguistics. In their senior year, students are required to submit an undergraduate thesis before graduation. This thesis is a demonstration of the students’ critical reading and writing abilities. The graduate program is designed to train research scholars in English language and literature as well as teachers for institutions of higher education. The program offers both master’s and doctoral degrees.
English major students, regardless of their academic level, also have access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities sponsored by the department. These include the annual English festival, English language drama productions, and the publication of the departmental journal, Parnassus, comprising student essays.

Vision after Graduation

English majors enjoy a wide variety of career opportunities. Many of our graduates are currently working in major business corporations, trade related companies, news media, publishing houses, and national and regional government agencies. Teaching is another popular career option for English majors. A significant number of students complete the training and study for teaching certificates and become junior and senior high school teachers. Additionally many of our graduates choose further study in graduate schools both in Korea and abroad.

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