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The Department of Philosophy was established in 1981 to conduct philosophy research and nurture talented experts in philosophy. Since then, 600 undergraduates have received Bachelor degrees. The course aims to explain the issues and problems confronted by modern society through the study and application of philosophy. In 1985, the Graduate School was established and has to date produced ten Master’s degree holders. Through their foundation in philosophy and advanced critical thinking skills they actively strive to serve society and become its future leaders.

Program Goals

It is our goal to explore the problems of modern society and the underlying roles and influences of eastern and western culture and thought patterns. Through this exploration, professionals are nurtured to respond actively to the various inter-cultural communications and contribute to the ideological and cultural development in Korean society.

Program Objectives

To develop students’ critical thinking skills based on the eastern and western traditions of thoughts.
To nurture students to become intellectuals possessing theoretical knowledge and wisdom, enabling them to proactively respond to social problems.
To enable students to contribute to the enhancement of standards in their community cultures.
To train competent professionals who are leaders in cultural projects.

Program Information

The Department of Philosophy offers both an undergraduate program and graduate programs for Master’s and Doctoral degrees. The undergraduate program largely focuses on oriental philosophy and western philosophy. A variety of courses are offered such as Western Ancient & Medieval Philosophy, The History of Modern Western Philosophy, The History of Chinese Philosophy, The History of Korean Philosophy, Modern Logic, Ethics, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Confucian Philosophy, Taoist Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy, Art Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, and Social Philosophy. The History of Korean Philosophy course arranges regular field trips through which the understanding of major studies and Korean society is enhanced. The graduate programs consist of eastern philosophy and western philosophy, in which the professors and their students are committed to further research in depth.

Vision after Graduation

As philosophy is the basis of all academics, graduates have opportunities to become involved in many areas of society, such as public service, education, business, journalism, and broadcasting. Those interested in aesthetics may pursue challenging careers in the fields of art & culture; while those interested in religion may continue their theological studies in graduate school leading to spiritual and philosophical commitment within the priesthood or clergy. Some graduates further their intellectual development through academic research at Inha graduate schools or schools abroad. Compared to the past, more teaching opportunities exist now for philosophy majors in moral sciences and ethics.

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