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Pre-medical Studies

Pre-medical Studies

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The premedical course was opened in 1985 and it is a two-year course to acquire the knowledge necessary to medical education. To cultivate medical experts (physicians and medical researchers) who contribute to health promotion of community with moral ethics and good characters, The Inha University School of Medicine educates students in liberal arts and basic sciences for medicine majors Since 2015, students in premedical course acquire basic knowledge and attitude to study medicine by learning about the different fields through a ‘liberal specialization track'.


  • an interdisciplinary approach in both theoretical and practical study with emphasis on creativity
  • Competent person with dignity and virtues
  • Conduct of primary patient care with outstanding knowledge and clinical skills
  • Contribution to development of medical research and education
  • Excellent health care provider performing humanity


The course aims to produce experienced visual communication experts through :

  • Acquire moral ethics, good characters, and attitude as a physician
  • Possess all essential knowledge and skills for primary patient care and develop ability to conduct creative research
  • Possess ability to self-directed problem solving and voluntarily learn developing medical knowledge over a lifetime
  • Serve the community and actively respond to change of medical environment and internationalization

Options after graduation

clinician, basic medical scientist, civil servant of public health field, pharmaceutical company, medial lawyer, medical journalist, establish a business in medicine field.

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