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Business Administration

Business Administration

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Formed as an independent unit, the College of Business Administration opened in 2003 after separating from the College of Commerce. In this new environment of practical learning, the CBA strives to foster competent people, capable of leading the industrial society of 21st century, through theories and practical affairs. The CBA is committed to its role in developing the country and the local community. The curriculum of the College of Business Administration is divided into 6 major areas : Human Resources Management, Organization, Marketing, Operation, Management Information Systems, and Statistics.

  • The variety of subjects offers students the opportunity to pinpoint individual talent and better prepares them for their future careers.
  • The option to specialize in a specific area for post-graduate study, is also available to the students.
  • The university-level management courses will offer greater practical experience for all students.
  • Those students currently enrolled in similar fields like IT management, Finance Analysis, Food Service Industry management will be sponsored.
  • The technology management program will take 5 years due to its unique role as a multi-discipline program.
  • This program aims to aid students to become proficient in both management and technology.

Program Objectives

Foster future CEOs trained to have a reliable character, high morality, maturity and visionary ideas. Foster competent people with practical and international skills founded on theoretical basis. Foster management experts able to work together with the region’s economy and global vision, with particular attention paid to Incheon’s development of the Economic Free Zone. Foster executive level management skills to produce leaders of leaders.

Program Information

The curriculum of the College of Business Administrations is divided into theory and work experience. In theoretical section, students study essential business theories for a modern industrial society. In work experience, they take part in practical business affairs, learn how to take on roles as members of society and learn international scenarios by taking subjects like Overseas Market Research and Business English. The curriculum enables students to develop competency and strong international business skills.

Vision after Graduation

After graduation, various career routes are open to students with a business administration degree. For example, careers may flourish in public enterprises, various kinds of research institutes, venture companies, IT industries, service industries, and the traditional financial companies as well as media and culture-related industries. Students can prepare their future by acquiring a CPA (certified public accountant) and obtain certifications related to finance. They also have the opportunity to teach younger students by entering graduate school and then enter the fast-growing academic world of business.

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