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Political Science and International Relations

Political Science and International Relations

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The Department of Political Science and International Relations was originally established as the Department of International Relations in 1979. It was renamed as the Department of Political Science and International Relations when the College of Law and Politics separated from the College of Law and Economics in 1988. Again, it changed its affiliation over to the College of Social Sciences. The Masters and the Doctoral programs were introduced in 1983 and 1987, respectively. Those who complete all the requirements at the undergraduate level will be awarded with a bachelor's degree in Politics. And the department is distinguished by its breadth, quality faculty, student body and curriculum. It has an internationally recognized research institute: the Center for International Studies. The department offers some fifty courses each year covering a wide range of subjects.

Program Goals

As one of the social sciences, Political Science teaches students how to think critcally and communicate effectively on all matters related to politics. Students examine actual or proposed courses of political action by collecting and analyzing evidence for and against them, setting them in historical and comparative perspective, and relating them to results that are either rewarded or punished. In the end, politics are about finding ways to manage and restrain the struggle between people and/or groups. Those who become expert on political issues, who advise political leaders, or who themselves take leading roles in the political effort to maintain democracy and peace are those who engage in the highest of human callings.

Program Objectives

The Political Science and International Relation Department's mission is to offer a nationally acclaimed program of education and research in political science. This has three major components:

  • An undergraduate track that educates leaders and informed citizens, equips them with knowledge and critical skills required for careers inside and outside the public sector, and enables graduates to gain admission to professional schools in public affairs, education, business administration, and other fields.
  • An undergraduate track appropriate for students interested in graduate study leading to a Ph. D. in political science and other social science.
  • A Ph. D. program designed to educate scholars for political science academics and research.

Program Information

The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Courses cover a diverse range of subjects that provide students with theoretical knowledge and skills for application. Its faculty reflects the intellectual diversity of political science today. Consisting of nine political scientists, the faculty oversees the graduate programs and conducts research across the fields of Korean and comparative politics, international relations, political thought and philosophy, political theory, method and methodology in political science. The department is especially strong in education and research on Politics in Korea, the United States, Japan, Russia, China, and provides rich knowledge and analytical skills related to party politics, foreign policy making, and political thought.

Vision after Graduation

Graduates are equipped for any career that demands reflection, analysis, and research and presentation of complicated organizational and public matters. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge and diverse skills, graduates go on to become leaders in a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations, academia, the mass media, political parties, and other social and political movements.

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