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Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education

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Until as recently as 2003, no university, Inha University included, in the Kyunggi district and Incheon area had offered a mathematics education program, resulting in a lack of qualified mathematics teachers for secondary schools in the area. Consequently, there had been an increasingly high demand for a department of mathematics education in the Incheon area. As a response to this need, Inha University, in October 2003, obtained approval to establish the Department of Mathematics Education from the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development. In March 2004, our department was launched with the lofty aim of training excellent teachers of mathematics, who would be willing to meet the challenge with imagination and the spirit of inquiry. The Department of Mathematics Education is committed to providing its students with the highest standard of mathematical and educational training by offering classes with emphasis on theoretical foundations and various levels and types of problem solving.

Program Information

Courses in analysis, algebra, topology, geometry, and applied mathematics are offered to the students to establish theoretical foundations in mathematics. In addition to pure and applied mathematics, courses regarding secondary school mathematics curriculum study and educational application are offered to develop key skills as a mathematics teacher. In the core courses, the students will firmly grasp theoretical mathematics by solving various types and levels of mathematical problems and by taking advantage of educational resources.

Vision after Graduation

The most important goal of the Department of Mathematics Education is to train and provide future secondary mathematics teachers with sound mathematical knowledge and professional skills. The majority of students are on their way to becoming mathematics teachers in public or private secondary schools. Students with talents in higher mathematics will pursue the study of mathematics at a graduate level and become professional mathematicians in the forms of educators or researchers. Other opportunities include working in various industries using knowledge of mathematics or education. Mathematics is not only a valuable tool for scientific and engineering research, but is also a forum for sound and logical thinking and has been repeatedly proven useful for general applications.

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