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Energy Resource Engineering

Energy Resource Engineering

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Our program is dedicated to training and educating bright individuals who have a passion for and an interest in the energy resource development. We seek to cultivate expert professionals not only for the current exploration and development of hidden resources on the seabed and underground, but also for the future development of clean energy. Being mindful of our country's lack of natural resources, the training of international-minded, strategic perspective-driven professionals for the overseas resources acquisition would be the immediate, short-term goal; the latter one would be more of a gradual process to be carried out on a mid- to long-term. In rendering competent professionals out to today's competitive job market, we value on-the-job training and learning. In raising up capable leaders for the global network, we consider very important the linguistic capacity; accordingly, more than 50% of major courses will be taught in English. In producing influential engineer CEOs, we will teach not only science and engineering, but also management, economics, and government policy. Inha University's new program proposal was selected by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2009. With the new Department of Energy Resources Engineering launching in 2010, this Specialized School for the Exploitation of Natural Resources is set to receive a five-year term funding from the Government, Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC), Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), and Korea Resources Corporation (KORES).

Program Goals

We seek to partake in improving our national competitiveness in the field of energy resources engineering by training motivated individuals of today to be the effective leaders of tomorrow. Our goals can be carried out on two strategic terms: on the short term, we seek to equip future professionals with an international outlook and a tactful perspective that are essential in overseas resources acquisition. Gradually though, our mid- to long-term goal would be to raise awareness for the necessity of clean energy promotion and cultivate future leaders who are passionate about this need.

Program Objectives

to function as a knowledge bank in the domain of energy resources engineering that preserves information of the old while integrating new technology and sources
to produce competent professionals
equipped with creative spirit, innovative ideas, and transcultural perspective
highly functional in the knowledge economy society of the 21st century
to establish a superior learning environment in the domestic region that offers as rich education and invaluable experience as leading global institutes abroad

Vision after Graduation

Energy resources engineering is a broad field. It could serve as a portal to a variety of professions and/or further study, depending on the student's specific interest. The Department of Energy Resources Engineering offers several specializations in the following fields: geophysical exploration, oil and gas exploitation, mineral resources development, rock mechanics and mine development, energy resources economics, management, and policy. More specific career paths include :

Government-Operated Enterprises : Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC), Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), and Korea Resources Corporation (KORES) and others.
Government-Funded Institutes and/or Laboratories : Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO), Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), Korea Energy Economics Institution (KEEI), and others.
Private Enterprises Involved in Overseas Resource Exploitation : Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo, SK, Daesung and about 30 others.
Resources Development Foundations (about 99) : asset managements firms (50), brokerage firms (31), local banks and insurers (18)

* Effective 2011, for the purpose of promoting secure and efficient investment, companies are under the law to procure and cultivate financial consultants for asset management. (overseas resources development business act 13:7 and enforcement ordinance 12:3)

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