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Asia Pacific School of Logistics

Asia Pacific School of Logistics

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The Asia Pacific School of Logistics was established to educate global logisticians to be leaders of the northeast Asian economy and in logistics innovation. Designated an outstanding specialized college by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development in 2003, it became the “New Brand” of Inha University.

Program Objectives

Logistics innovation is the core of a national and industrial competitive force in the 21st century. Logistics is a complex field in which the economy and infrastructure are inextricably linked. One must research strategies and techniques to maximize cost saving and optimize flow of products, services, and information to help achieve superiority in a competitive condition. As economies become evermore globally intertwined, the need grows for policy and management developers within the logistics system in ports, airports and railroads.
To meet these needs, the logistics program offers degrees with options to major, double major, or minor in logistics through diverse courses in 5 key categories: Logistics Management, International Logistics, Logistics Policy & Economy, Logistics System, and Logistics Information. This broad scope of study allows students to customize their education to satisfy personal aptitude and career goals.

Program Information

The Asia Pacific School of Logistics uses a systematic and scientific approach to its curriculum and courses, which provides students with the foundation to become leaders and innovators in the logistics field. To develop the skills required for global business in this information era, the school provides intensive training in logistics and instruction in the languages of major trade partners, along with exposure to prestigious schools abroad through collaboration.
In addition, on-the-job training, internships and domestic/international training programs are offered to provide professional work experience and to hone skills needed in logistics. It is a distinctive education program combining management, economic and engineering disciplines to meet industrial demands.

Vision after Graduation

Graduates may work as logisticians in various logistics and management sectors, such as domestic and global manufacturing, circulation, logistics, airlines, shipping, consulting, corporations, government, national corporations or research organizations and research institutes of major corporations. Graduates may choose to pursue domestic/international licenses such as CPL(Certified Professional Logistician), CPIM(Certified in Production and Inventory Management), CPM(Certified Purchasing Manager), and e-business international license to further develop their careers. Other graduates may consider teaching as a career, which is growing in demand.

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