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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

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The Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering's education philosophy is directly linked to the original spirit and education goals at Inha University's foundation. Inha University was founded with the spirit to promote national prosperity and improve the human condition through industrial development. Since its foundation, Inha University has sought to educate and mold talented students into professionals and leaders.
The Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering offers a comprehensive education on the design and construction of ships and ocean structures based on a solid working knowledge of all the basic engineering skills. Established in 1954, as a founding department, the Department of Naval Architecture has long contributed to the Korean economy through development of professionals and research in heavy industry and shipbuilding. The department continues to grow and seeks to bring Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering into the 21st century.

Program Goals

The education philosophy of the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering aims at educating high-quality marine engineers who are well-equipped with fundamental theories and technologies of marine engineering fields.

Program Objectives

Program of this department has the following educational objectives

Speciality : Enable students to develop successful engineering knowledge and application skills through providing well-balanced education program.
Informatization : Enable students to be equipped with ability to access new information, to produce innovative information, and to utilize the information for solving marine engineering problems.
Practical creativity : Enable students to maximize creative problem-solving ability through experiencing planning, analysis, design, manufacturing, and evaluation of marine engineering problems.
Globalization : Enable students to have abilities to contribute to the prosperity of the nation and society, and adapting effectively to global environmental changes.

Program Information

The undergraduate school of the department was established in 1954 when Inha University first started. The graduate school was opened in 1959. The curriculum of our department is intended to provide students with a broad knowledge of shipbuilding engineering, to develop creativity and analytical skills through study of subjects in the areas of mathematics, comprehensive mechanics, design theory, and interdisciplinary theories of mechanical and computerized engineering knowledge. The curriculum includes major engineering disciplines such as hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, design, and production systems, as well as the new information technologies of computer science adapted to the program. Departmental facilities include a circulating water channel, a ship model basin with conventional and high speed towing carriages, structural test equipment, and abundant computer facilities and software all of which offer a variety of opportunities for practical experience. The faculty members of our department participate in many research projects ranging from governments and industries, and play the role of technical advisors to various special organizations related to shipbuilding.

Vision after Graduation

The department's faculty can boast of industrial experience and involvement in industry-supported research projects, thus becoming a valuable resource for information on career planning. Students also have the opportunity to participate in specific research activities with world-leading shipyards such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering to provide themselves with balanced education and rewarding career.

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