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Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

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The industrial engineering(IE) program always tries to lead the profession by our participation in academic and professional societies associated with management as well as engineering, importance of our research and curricular innovation. We also seek to support our alumni acting as leaders in their communities, companies and professional societies. The IE program has been founded in 1969 and has produced over 2,700 alumni. The IE program has offered the graduate programs for both Masters and Ph.Ds since 1975 and 1988 respectively.

Program Goals

IE gives practitioners the opportunity to work in a variety of businesses. Specifically in our programs, a distinguishing focus has been the integration of humans, machines, and materials to achieve optimum performance of operating systems. More recently the field has expanded to include non-industrial operations involving supply, distribution, transportation, communication and information handling, and safety. Therefore, our program is designed to prepare students for technical careers in production or service industries to obtain the broader skills, background and knowledge necessary to be an effective professional in a rapidly-changing global economy. It provides a strong foundation for those headed for engineering management positions in various field.

Program Objectives

Bringing up professional persons leading industrial management
Developing the creative and adventurous ability of applying the knowledge of IE
Developing the information technology ability focused on practical works

Program Information

Freshman : Consists of a wide variety of general education courses such as the courses associated with mathematics, basic sciences, computers, and foreign languages, etc.
Sophomore : Consists of basic IE courses such as engineering management, recognizing the importance of knowledge property, engineering mathematics, statistics, linear algebra, management science, and Internet information technology, etc.
Junior and Senior : Consists of three major tracks such as management system, information systems and manufacturing and ergonomics. At the end of this stage students will have the quick adapting ability into the enterprise work, enhancing the productivity of work, introducing the information technology and its operating ability, and management ability as a fresh expert of IE

Vision after Graduation

Almost every kind of business hires industrial engineers and they work in many different kinds of jobs.

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