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Biological Engineering

Biological Engineering

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The Biological Engineering Department aims to educate students with the applications of concepts and methods of the related sciences and technologies, and with engineering’s analytical and synthetic methodologies. To achieve this goal, the program is designed to develop the means for students to have a high degree of confidence and motivation as biological engineers. The department was established in 1986. The M.S. program was opened in 1992 and the Ph.D. program in 1995.

Program Goals

Students are trained to play an important role in biological engineering fields and to develop a pride in their field of study as well as an acute sense of awareness and interest with an aim to improve current technologies and applications through the theoretical and experimental approaches.

Program Objectives

Biological engineering is one of the key disciplines leading the 21st century. Our program focuses on training students to obtain problem-solving capabilities through the studies on specific principles and practical design abilities. For these objectives, we are trying to develop new and up-to-date programs which encompass teachings on principles and practical knowledge in biological engineering. For the closer relation with bio-industries, our program faculties include industrial personnel as adjunct professors. We also emphasize globalization and international activities for accommodating high caliber foreign students and professors into our program. In addition, teachings on social, cultural and ethical aspects are also emphasized to foster biological engineers who have balanced character and responsibility.

Program Information

1st year : University core curriculum, basic sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities, Languages
2nd year : University core curriculum, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Microbiology, Introduction to Biological Engineering, Biological Engineering Calculations, Bio-instrumentation & Analysis
3rd year : Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biomaterials Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Microbiological Engineering, Biological Engineering Laboratory Courses
4th year : Downstream Processing, Dermatology, Cell and Tissue Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Food Technology, Cell Biology, Bioinformatics, Capstone Design in Biological Engineering

Vision after Graduation

Some graduates further their academic endeavors by entering the domestic graduate schools as well as the schools abroad. Others take positions in academia, public and private research institutes, and industrial sectors to play pivotal roles. Moreover, some have actively involved in bio-venture businesses with the successful outcomes.

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