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Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

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Materials Science and Engineering is concerned with the structure, properties, manufacture, and use of various classes of materials, including metals, ceramics, and semiconductors, each of which are important to the industries. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering carries out in-depth educational and research activities for development of advanced materials and devices with noble properties as well as improvement of properties via precise control over the structure and composition of materials in the broad field of materials science
Electronic materials are defined by its applications. Semiconductors, ceramics and metals are used today to form highly complex systems, such as integrated electronic circuits, optoelectronics devices, mobile communication systems, display panels and information storage media. Ceramics are inorganic nonmetallic materials which are used to form semi-conducting devices, energy devices, sensors, filters and structural systems.
Extractive metallurgy is the scientific and engineering fields utilized in recovering metals from their ores and in refining them to the desired purity. This subject includes mineral processing as well as smelting, leaching, and electrochemical methods of refining metals. In physical metallurgy, the relationships between the chemical and physical structure of materials and their properties are primarily studied.

Desirable Graduates

Engineering experts
Creative Professionals
Professionals with global mind-sets
Professionals with stringent work ethics

Program Objectives

Program objectives are to educate students to be creative scientists and engineers that are capable of applying technical knowledges and materials design methodologies to solve various problems in materials science and engineering and create industrial values. The program also aims to cultivate professionals with excellent leadership, stringent work ethics, and international mind-sets.

Vision after Graduation

Statistical data for the past three years indicate that approximately 84% of the graduates found employment in large corporations and approximately 20% continued to study in graduate schools. Others were employed in government agencies, national laboratories, and small sized companies. The large corporations include Samsung Group, LG Group, Hyundai Group, POSCO, Dongbu Group, Hyundai Motor, GM Daewoo, KCC, and Hyosung Group.

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