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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering develops theories and techniques of planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructures for public interest such as residential structures, industry, transportation, and emergency facilities to enhance the comfort and quality of human life. Planning and design aided by advanced computer technologies and automated technologies of construction and maintenance significantly improve productivity and realize construction of beautiful, safe, and economic infrastructures. The Department of Civil Engineering was established in February 1960 and has produced 3,908 graduates with the bachelor degrees thus far. Master and Doctorate programs were opened in 1969 and 1975 respectively and 619 graduates have been awarded their masters and doctorate degrees. Currently, there are 90 undergraduate students admitted each year and about 90 students are enrolled in the graduate program.

Program Goals

This civil engineering program educates undergraduate and graduate students in developing and utilizing the theories and techniques for the plan, design, construction, and maintenance of constructed facilities to create a better living environment.

Program Objectives

The program educational objectives “Contributing toward national competitiveness in a global information-based society and fostering creative and productive civil engineers in pursuit of quality of human life" are the followings:

educate students to become professional civil engineers with practical knowledge and self-leading capability.
train creative and construction-automation-centric civil engineers capable of adapting well to change of international construction industry.
foster civil engineers with thorough professional ethic while performing cooperatively in teamwork.

Program Information

The civil engineering program, which aims to foster creative and productive professional civil engineers, offers undergraduate & graduate courses, and engineering graduate course. A master and Ph.D program are also offered. The undergraduate courses are comprised of all-encompassing subjects related to civil engineering such as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resource engineering, environmental engineering, geospatial engineering, road & transportation engineering and construction management. The undergraduate courses offer not only theoretical background of civil engineering but also practical know-how of engineering design. Based on the groundwork established by the undergraduate courses, graduate courses emphasize the advanced theory and practical knowledge of civil engineering where students are able to develop creative capability.

Vision after Graduation

The graduates of civil engineering program develop careers in central and local governments, government-supported research institutes (KICT and KRIHS), public corporations (Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Land Corporation, and Korea Water Resources Corporation), and world-leading engineering and construction companies and more.

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