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The Department of Architecture aims to train students to become leading architects who create both aesthetic and practical residential environments through sound knowledge of scientific technology and art, in combination with a strong sense social responsibility. The curriculum is composed of major courses such as basic research of architecture, architectural planning and design and theory of architectural history. It is based on the four elements of the human being and society, technology and economy, aesthetics and environment which are the operating standards of WHO and UIA (Union Internationale des Architects). The education programs are developed and operated to pursue theories and practical experience at the same time. Emphasis is placed on the influence of traditional Korean culture on architecture, in which the spirit of ancestral aesthetic is reinvented to accommodate the needs of our rapidly changing contemporary society.

Program Information

Architecture deals with all engineering aspects of building performance integrated with the building’s architectural requirements. The four year undergraduate degree (B.S.) at the department is nationally recognized as a professional degree that prepares students for a career in the building engineering and construction industry. Undergraduate students receive a solid education in the fundamentals of all building systems in addition to specialized knowledge in an area of their choice (Structure, Environmental System, Construction Engineering and Management). The department also offers the Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in Architectural Engineering. These programs provide an opportunity for in-depth specialization within the context of building engineering and construction.

Vision after Graduation

As a synthetic study, architecture is connected directly to the development and preservation of society. Most graduates are able to work in many fields within society such as architectural design, urban planning, building programming and consultant, interior design, and conservation of cultural assets. Others choose to expand on their knowledge and pursue a Master of Science or Doctoral degree.

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