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Ocean Sciences

Ocean Sciences

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Considering the geographical location of Korea, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is inevitable for Inha University to develop ocean related studies and to educate students about the ocean. As Korea suffers from a lack of natural resources, it is an urgent requirement for Korea to study and develop resources from the sea and a sustainable use of the sea. In 1979, the Department of Ocean Sciences at Inha University was opened with the objectives of educating and training students about ocean science and technology. More than 1,200 people have graduated from this department and played a major role in the ocean science field in Korea. In 1983, the graduate school was opened and, since then, 300 Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders have graduated.

Program Goals

The education in Ocean Sciences is open to students either for preparing themselves for future graduate education in marine sciences or for preparing a career for the professional employment in a marine-related field. The educational programs aim to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of interdisciplinary marine sciences which provide a vision of developing a new generation of ocean science and technology.

Program Information

Ocean Sciences is of a highly interdisciplinary, requiring an understanding and application of basic science such as mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, and biology. The basic courses provide opportunities to learn the fundamental principles of oceanography, emphasizing on interrelations of physical, geological, chemical, and biological processes in marine environments, and to experiment with oceanographic concepts in the laboratories and through field experiences. Interdisciplinary programs are offered to gain a holistic and fundamental understanding of the role of ocean in the Earth's system. Other educational programs approach to the study of applied ocean sciences including fisheries, coastal engineering, and climate system. Students are encouraged to participate in research and internships and can apply to the graduate programs in oceanography, biological and fishery oceanography and biological engineering.

Vision after Graduation

After graduation, career possibilities include public enterprises and private companies related to maritime industry and various national research institutes such as the Korea Institute of Ocean Sciences and Technology, Korea Polar Research Institute, National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, and Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration. Graduates also enter government agencies, public institutions and the secondary education field.

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