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Global Finance and Banking

Global Finance and Banking

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In the areas of finance and banking, financial engineering, and risk management, the demand for professionals and specialists has been rapidly growing due to the government policy of developing the finance and banking industry, the globalization of financial markets, the advent of various, new types of derivative securities, the implementation of Basel II, which is the global standard for financial institutions worldwide. However, few domestic universities have offered a rigorous undergraduate program specialized in these areas to meet such demand. The Division of Global Finance and Banking was established in 2009 with the vision to become one of the global top undergraduate programs in finance and banking and to become Korea’s top program in finance and banking and financial engineering through enhancing the command of foreign language and the practical capability to keep pace with the globalization of the finance and banking industry.

Program Objectives

Educate and train students to make them become innovative finance and banking professionals with global competitiveness and practical knowledge (Global & Practical).
To educate and train students with the curriculum customized to reflect the needs from financial and banking firms, including commercial banks, investment banks, securities companies, and insurance companies, and for the finance- related positions at non-financial firms, and, thus to improve the employability of our graduates (Employability).

Program Information

The curriculum is designed to satisfy the following requirements:

  • the market demand for specialists and professionals in the fields of finance and banking, financial engineering, and risk management
  • the needs of global financial institutions
  • the potential to become a global leader

Three Pillars in the Curriculum Design :

  • Enhance the employability and the quality of employment by improving the proficiency in foreign language skills, having internship experiences at financial and non-financial firms and obtaining internationally, highly regarded certificates such as FRM (Financial Risk Manager) and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), among others.
  • Equip students with advanced knowledge and skill in both finance and banking and quantitative methods.
  • Provide the majority of classes in English and special lectures by practitioners and field specialists for improving students’ global competitiveness and field skills.

Vision after Graduation

Financial industry including banks, securities companies, insurance companies

  • Knowledge on the aspects of the management of financial institutions
  • Knowledge on the design and pricing of financial instruments and the financial engineering
  • Knowledge on the risk measurement and management

Finance/planning areas of non-financial firms

  • Knowledge in risk management, financial evaluation of investments, etc.

Finance-related, banking-related research institutes or consulting firms
Domestic and international finance- and banking-related certificates (CFA, FRM, CFP, actuary, etc), which are helpful to getting jobs in the financial industry:

  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) : Working as financial analysts or fund managers in the securities and securities-related businesses.
  • FRM (Financial Risk Manager) : Analyzing and managing financial risks and working at banks and financial firms, multinational firms, financial supervisory agencies.
  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner) : Working in the personal financial planning and asset management at financial institutions like insurance companies and banks.
  • Actuary : Designing products and evaluating various risks at insurance companies.

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