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Japanese Language and Culture

Japanese Language and Culture

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With the aspiration of contributing to the education of competent people who possess a broad outlook on their own culture through the understanding of Japanese culture, the Department of Japanese Studies was founded in 1980. The department was first affiliated with the teacher’s college. In 1981, it came under the College of Humanities, and was renamed the Department of Japanese Language and Literature. In 1989, its name was further changed to the Department of Japanese Studies. Since then it has produced able and energetic people who have played key roles in an age of globalization. The graduate program leading to a Master's degree was initiated in 1997 and the Doctoral degree program was launched in 2000.

Person Specification

Professionalism : To study the common academia, Japanese Education, systematically to produce Japanese experts who are able to enhance field response capability through synthetic/in depth education in the language and culture that are required by associated fields and categories.
Informationization : To focus the education contents on applying and acquiring the most up-to-date informations related to Japan, and to foster the informations systematically to attain the ability to take the initiative in real life problems.
Creativity : To construct the basis that enables the students to think creatively and independently that is required from present to the future, and respecting the existing traditional academic field to cultivate men of talent who are able to cope with complex problem in intricate social situations.
Globalization : To give potential to the students to confront diverse/globalizing societies and job environments as well as to develop the qualities that can fully contribute to the future of the nation, people and further more, humanity.

Program Goals

To widen the spectrum of communication.
To develop and expand culture.
To develop a more dynamic style in the age of North East Asia.
To aim towards cogitated concepts,which cross the boundary of the individual province of Japanese culture.

Program Objectives

Training specialist of Japanese language and culture to contribute to national development and human society.
Developing cosmopolitan sensibilities which are conducive to promoting mutual understanding between Korea and Japan.
Training intellectuals who can contribute to the development of education.

Program Information

The department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate program is divided into a primary program and major program. To lead to the practical use of Japanese, courses in fluency, translation and conversation studies are offered in the primary program. Within the major program, studies are focused on the fields of Japanese Philology, the literature of Japan and Japanology. Japanology, in particular, is notable as the first of its kind in the nation. In graduate school, graduate programs leading to Master’s and Doctoral degrees are offered. The graduate programs consist of the following three major areas: Japanese Philology, the literature of Japan and Japanology. Within each specialty field research of new theories is conducted under the supervision of professors and each major is subdivided into particular specialties.

Vision after Graduation

Graduates are playing an active part in various fields including industry, the media and finance. Depending on current trends, graduates may also choose to enter graduate school, or build careers in airlines, trading companies, and broadcasting stations.

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