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French Language and Culture

French Language and Culture

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The Department of French Language and Culture began in 1981 to train the brightest minds able to enlarge national interests by exchanging knowledge and culture with France and Francophone countries. Almost 900 bachelor and 10 master’s, doctoral degree holders have been trained since 1984, to contribute to the country by developing the study of foreign languages. They are working continuously to introduce the French speaking culture to Korea and to spread Korea’s cultural heritage abroad.

Program Goals

To train students to have wide visions and good understandings of France and French speaking countries through French language education and studies.

Program Objectives

To train experts who are able to speak fluently French.
To increase understanding of French and French speaking culture and society.
To train specialists who will work for Korea and France or French speaking countries.

Program Information

Our teaching program focused on the linguistic aspects of French until 2003. It is currently more concentrated on studies covering thoroughly the French culture to improve and broaden employment opportunities. However, it is still required to intensively study the French language because the final goal of this major is to fully understand the French culture and to practice French at a fluent level. To give more precise examples, the freshmen students take French 1,2 to learn the significance of the French language. During the sophomore year, students take Grammar of French, French in Media, and Prose Writings in French to enhance both their French skills and also learn about literature. In the junior year, more specialized subjects in literature and grammar are offered, but there are also lectures which cover French used in business and daily conversation for students who expect to work right after graduation. Finally, there is a large choice of specialized lectures the senior students can choose to match with their future professional needs. Before graduating, the students must be able to present personal opinions in French and participate actively in debates conducted in French. In addition, we annually send around ten students to different universities in France, including the University of Le Havre and Lille Catholic University, to familiarize them with international settings. In graduate school there are a variety of advanced lectures based on the basic knowledge collected in the undergraduate program.

Vision after Graduation

By 2005, there were five graduates who mastered and chose to become educators in higher education, and there are currently more in France who are preparing to follow their steps. Those who take courses for the teaching profession are able to teach in high schools. Others find their way into trading companies, shipping companies, publishing companies, airlines and within broadcasting and media businesses and companies all through society.

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