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Cultural Contents & Management

Culture and Contents

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The Department of Culture and Contents, established in March, 2005, was designated a major in March, 2006. The department’s disciplinary focus is unique among Korean universities offering programs in the humanities, but is anticipated to become a leading field within the College of Humanities. As a new department, plans are in place to recruit distinguished full-time professors and to acquire the most complete and current materials for study and research.

Program Goals

The department aims to seek out new possibilities for cultural contents on the basis of understanding the humanities field and cultural production.

Program Objectives

Writing and Producing Cultural Contents
Critical perspective on culture and its byproducts
Focusing on planning and administration of cultural production

Program Information

The program has a three-pronged curriculum: Writing and Storytelling, Cultural Contents Theories, Cultural Contents Practices. Students are required to develop fluency in foreign languages, thorough analytic skills on the trend of contemporary culture industry, competence in high-tech applications like multimedia, as well as traditional humanities such as literature, history and philosophy, to meet the criteria of this curriculum. Naturally, a creative imagination and inquisitive mind are also needed to excel in this field.
The writing and storytelling curriculum contains the following subjects; poetry, novel, drama, cinema, TV drama, comics, game scenario and children's literature. Cultural contents theories contains the following subjects; cultural industry, cultural planning, cultural policy, cultural studies and regional cultures. Cultural Contents Practices contains the following subjects; contents production, contents distribution, multimedia based contents.

Vision after Graduation

For those focusing on writing and storytelling, graduates may expect to become writers, poets, novelists, playwrights and culture critics. Graduates specializing in cultural contents theories may choose careers connected to cultural events agencies. While those focusing on cultural contents practices are forging satisfying careers as they meet the rapidly growing needs of IT-related industries. All graduates may expect bright futures meeting the needs of newly generated cultural industries.

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