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Culture Management

Culture Management

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This major is established to inherit the value of the humanities and to train consilience intellect with insight, expressiveness, critical power and practical ability that can be used in practical area. So, we sublate to train theory centric, knowledge centric intellect and aim education that can maximize practical value by using practical qualitative analysis methodology. Culture management is a study to understand the meaning and the value of the modern society, aka ‘emotional era’, ‘cultural age’, ‘intellectual society’ etc.

Educational Purpose

Education of this course aims to train global intellect with knowledge of humanities and media literacy skills by practical lesson. You can get specialized in cultural knowledge as well as a creative view of the world for the cultural age.

Educational Goal

Training knowledge integrated intellect by integrating liberal heritage and culture that can be used in practical field.
Training cultural specialist of global and local culture.
Training emergent cultural industry specialist for maximizing added value of the Korean cultural product.
Training culture coordinator with insight, analytical skills and critical faculty on pop culture for marketing, branding and researching.

Program Information

This course has undergraduate studies and graduated school. Graduated course has culture management MA and PH. D course. Undergraduate studies have 4 major areas and 3 advance areas. Major areas consist of Culture Studies, base of theoretical knowledge, and Cultural Marketing, Cultural Branding and Cultural Research for the application. Culture studies area has courses of media literacy and theoretical study for dealing with language and new media symbolic system. Theoretical skills mean the skills to understand condition of creation and circulation of meanings. In this area, students can study semiology, discourse analysis, content analysis, analytics, phenomenology, narration theory, culture theory, media theory and etc. as well as social and human scientific analysis methodology like integrated analysis methodology. The other 3 application areas are consisted of courses for maximizing real cultural exchange values like product value, business value, organization value, brand value, cultural content value and etc.

Vision after Graduation

Those courses, which are Culture studies, culture marketing, culture branding, and culture research are focused on preparing for the regional culture management, corporate culture management and art & culture management. After the deindustrialization culture management began to emerge. After graduation, various career routes are open to students. For example, the regional governments need the experts who are capable of dealing with the regional culture. The companies are now seeking the people who analyses various cultural factors in market. Art & culture management is main element for the regional government to make favorable city branding. Upon graduation the culture management major students will have many opportunities in society: government officer, culture institutes, cultural foundations or Researcher, marketer, and other departments, cultural events agencies, trading companies, foreign companies, banks, game industries, airlines and within tourism companies.

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