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The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1972. It started a Master’s program in 1976 and a Ph.D.‘s program in 1979. The Department of Statistics and the Department of Mathematics Education were separated from the Department of Mathematics and became independent departments respectively in 1987 and in 2004. As of the academic year of 2014, the Department of Mathematics has 17 regular faculty members and admits 44 undergraduate students every year.

Program Objectives

To train students in mathematical thinking
To expose students to problems in variety of subjects from pure and applied mathematics and applications and to help students to build up the ability of solving those problems
To train computing experts
To teach students to interact with people from various areas of science and engineering

Program Information

The Department of Mathematics provides a well balanced list of courses. Lists of courses(not complete) offered to undergraduate math major students are following:

  • Basic computational skills: Calculus 1, 2, Computational Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer, Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory, Numerical Analysis 1, 2, etc.
  • Basic courses in pure mathematics: Linear Algebra, Analysis 1, 2, Number Theory 1, 2, Complex Analysis 1, 2, Algebra 1, 2, 3, Topology 1, 2, Differential Geometry 1, 2, etc.
  • Basic courses in applied mathematics: Differential Equations 1, 2, Mathematical Modelling, Introduction to Dynamical Systems, Cryptography, Mathematical Biology, etc.

Vision after Graduation

First of all, students may pursue a career as a professional mathematician by entering a graduate school. Recent advancement of computer technology opened a new area so-called computational mathematics, which is not only academically important but also is becoming a driving force of creating new industries or reforming existing industries. It is greatly expected that math graduates play an important role in the development of computational mathematics. Students may also become math teachers in high/junior high schools by obtaining teacher’s license. Or, students may enter graduate schools with majors other than mathematics in order to pursue other professional careers based on the solid mathematical background. It is also quite common that math graduates become computer experts or financial specialists.

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