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Contribute to scientific-industrial development through the creative application of scientific thinking. Founded in 1978, the Department of Physics has produced more than 700 graduates. The Master’s degree program was established in 1982, and the Doctorate program was established in 1985. More than 70 graduate students have received their degrees specializing in optics, condensed matter, and nuclear physics.
As physics’ majors, students will learn and practice several important areas of physics, which are the basis for all natural science. The program aims to provide a solid foundation of principles in physics, the means for adapting to the demands of any state-of-the-art facilities and contemporary science and technology industries, and the development of leadership skills needed in industry and the nation.

Program Information

The Department of Physics has a finely tuned curriculum which combines lectures and lab courses to provide a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of physics. The department emphasizes experience and practice in the lab in conjunction with traditional coursework, to offer students a comprehensive education that includes theory and expertise with experimental equipment. Introduction to general physics uses faculty-developed course materials and textbook, which provide students with the foundation needed for more advanced later in the degree program. Facilities in the department include special multimedia lecture halls and state-of-the-art computers used to learn and practice the computer simulations, physics on the web, and develop skills, needed to handle the large amounts of data.
Undergraduate courses : Mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics are mandatory courses leading to advanced courses such as computer physics, optics, solid state physics, nuclear physics, semi-conductor physics. Many other advanced courses, which are directly related to the state-of-the-art industrial technology, are offered.
Graduate courses : Advanced basic courses, laser physics, optics lab, solid state band theory, theory of magnetism, quantum optics, statistical physics, nuclear structure and reaction theory and other courses are offered for the students.

Vision after Graduation

Graduates of the physics program have attained employment in advanced institutes of technologies in large corporations such as Samsung, LG, and Daewoo. In the public sector, some graduates have made careers in national research institutes like ETRI. Many graduates are currently forging their careers in the Samsung semiconductor, Samsung SDI, HYNIX, LG Techwin, LG IBM, and other medium and small enterprises of optics, electronics, communications, IT, NT, BT. Those graduates who have opted to develop academic careers, have gone on to graduate school in Korea and abroad.

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