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Chemistry is a major science which centers around the observation of properties and changes of substances, and its applications can range from dealing with substances at the molecular level to the creation of newly developed materials.
The educational aim of the Department of Chemistry is to transform chemistry students into both molecular scientists who can understand the fundamental properties of the molecular world and molecular engineers who can creatively apply their knowledge of the behavior of molecular systems to real life problems.
Established in December 1971, the Department of Chemistry has a long and distinguished tradition. The Graduate School was established in January 1976 with the Master’s program and extended in February 1978 with the addition of the Doctorate program. In addition, a Masters course in chemistry education was also created in November 1980. At present, the Department of Chemistry consists of 18 faculty members actively engaged in research and education, 210 undergraduate, 65 graduate students, over 7 postdoctoral researchers, and two research faculty members. Due to the efforts of both our students and faculty members, the department was selected one of the most excellent departments in the nationwide evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 1993. Also, the Joongang Daily announced that the department was ranked fourth among Korean universities in 1996.

Program Objectives

Courses for chemistry majors are divided into survey, basic, and optional courses. Survey courses are intended to improve students’ personalities and characters through the social sciences field. Basic courses are composed of the basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, biology, computers, and other related courses. The courses of chemistry are divided into basic, advanced, and applied courses. Graduate students can major in either physical chemistry or the chemistry major.

To produce well-prepared chemists, the department aims:

  • To provide an education through both theory and hands-on practical experience. In order to find a balance between theory and practice, the department has developed new experimental courses involving the use of various equipment and instruments.
  • To foster students’ abilities to adapt to new theories and technology. The department provides students with the information and knowledge needed to keep pace with the constant technological changes within the industry.
  • To train students to be able to solve problems in the field. In the field, sometimes the student can not apply their classroom. In this case, the ability to solve problems in the field is very important.
  • To develop in students the ability to engage in creative research. In graduate school, Ph.D. and M.S, students are taught to hone both their research techniques as well as their leadership skills.
  • To encourage students who wish to become educators to build a sound base in educational theory and practices.
  • The educational graduate school trains the M.S. students who will become middle and high school teachers, and provides them with an excellent foundation in educational techniques and trains them to utilize their research skills in the classroom.

Vision after Graduation

There are several routes after graduation to enter graduate school, to teach after taking education courses, to enter a company research institute such as Samsung semiconductor, or to enter national research institutes such as the Korea Institute of Sciences and Technology or the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology. Students may also choose careers in medical institutes, Korea Food and Drug Administration, pharmaceutical companies, or cosmetic companies. After graduate school, the recent rates of employment for several years have been 100% for both M.S. and Ph.D., while the rates of employment for bachelors (B.S.) are around 80%.

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