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International Trade

International Trade

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"Experts of international society, proposing success for your future" In 2000, the School of International Trade was chosen as a special school by the Ministry of Education and entrusted to educate professional experts in Chinese and Japanese studies, while leading trade toward a future centered on the perspective of Northeast-Asia. The school supersedes the School of Trade and is developing new thought on trade through a strategically designed course of education which interlaces the regional study of China and Japan. To date, approximately 2,000 graduates are taking an active part in a number of various fields, and are obtaining excellent results.

Program Objectives

Educating professional experts through the use of various curricula
Educating professional experts proficient in foreign languages (including English)
Providing a synthesized and deep knowledge of China and Japan
Educating professional experts to have a practical sense of trade interchange for an international society

Program Information

The varied curriculum includes imparting upon students the fundamental knowledge of economic theory, the commercial affairs of international trade, physical distribution, foreign languages, as well as Sinology and the study of Japan.
Students may choose an autonomous selection of deepening study, or interconnect studies for broader knowledge.
Additionally, the school offers various learning opportunities through tutors, research assembly, and special inter-session lectures.

Vision after Graduation

Graduates enter a large and varied range of employment fields including international trade and regional studies. Graduates play active roles within international trade companies, and foreign companies, with their foundation in trade policy, international finance, public policy, and enterprise providing a deep comprehension of China and Japan. In addition, graduates are active in education and as researchers of national policy, and as researchers in business institutes, academic institutes, and the World Bank, as well as becoming speech and social economists.

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