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Consumer Science

Consumer Science

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The Department of Consumer Science offers a variety of courses ranging from the realization of consumer sovereignty, to consumers’ welfare improvement and to an analysis of consumers’ needs and preference including household economy, consumer finance, consumer financial planning, consumer information and its distribution, consumer consulting and education, consumer protection policy and consumption trend/culture. Along with the establishment of the College of Home Economics in 1982, the Department was established as the Department of Home Management and then changed its title to the Department of Consumer and Child Studies in 1997 having turned out many professionals in consumer Science so far. Since 2014, the Department started running independently as the Department of Consumer Science doing its best by offering selective major tracks, various interdisciplinary programs and university-industry cooperative programs as well as on-site training opportunities to promote creative professionals in Consumer Science with competence in both theories and real works who will lead the consumer-oriented era.

Program Goals

Professionalism : Students are guided to gain competence in theories and real works for improvement of consumer welfare, analyzing consumers’ needs and preference through choosing major track and participating in extended interdisciplinary programs and university-industry cooperative programs and on-site training opportunities.

Creativity : Students are trained to achieve comprehensive and creative problem-solving competence while they discover consumer-driven and prosumer-driven issues for their individual or group projects.

Ethics : Students are directed to possess vocational ethics to fulfill their responsibilities as an individual and a member of the society.

Challenge : Students are taught to enhance their capability to challenge the improvement of consumer welfare by foreseeing various opportunities in the future.

Global View : Students are guided to have global view for communicating with Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania while they understand worldwide economic trends and culture.

Program Objectives

The Department of Consumer Science’s educational objective is to foster professionals in Consumer Science equipped with both theoretical/practical capacity and creativity to lead the consumer-oriented era in the digital society.

  • Training professionals in consumer finance and household welfare to cope with economic crisis.
  • Training professionals in consumer financial plan to prepare for the aged society.
  • Training professionals in consumer distribution and consumer information for the era of web 3.0.
  • Training professionals in consumer consulting/education and consumer service in the era of consumer satisfaction.
  • Training professionals in consumer policy and consumer protection in the era of consumer sovereignty.
  • Training professionals in consumer research and consumption trend to understand consumer’s needs in the digital society.

Vision after Graduation

Lots of graduates have been engaged in Korean financial companies, public institutions, major companies, mid-sized enterprises, consumer organizations, Consumer Affairs Centers affiliated to local governments and multiple media (such as broadcasting, home shopping etc.). Presently, the employment rate of the graduates in Consumer Science has steadily been improving.


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