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Child Studies

Child Studies

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The Department of Child Studies was divided from the Division of Consumer & Child Studies in 2014, since Korean society had expected more experts in child rearing support, early childhood education, and child counseling areas according to rapid changes in family lives. The department is committed to excellence in research, teaching, and service regarding children's development in the context of the family, community, and society. The goal of the department is to produce experts who study and practice ways of improving the quality of children's lives. The program prepares students for careers in child care & education, child counseling, or family service, etc.

Program Objectives

Enhance student learning through ongoing program assessment and implementation of program improvement strategies
Promote student success though effective advisement and support
Expand access to our courses and programs to meet student demand and society needs
Increase student engagement through participation in high impact practices
Support research and scholarly activities that advance our understanding of child on-going developmental processes
Enhance our visibility and connectedness to alumni and the community

Educational Goal

The educational goal of the Child Studies Department is to provide a developmentally appropriate education for students, families and children that reflects a commitment to high quality and a broad understanding of how children learn and grow. Curriculum is designed to accommodate career objectives for four different areas: Childcare & Education, Child Counseling, Child Welfare & Industry for Children and Families. Courses include Child Development, Infant Development, Early Childhood Education Theory, Play Teaching, Childcare Practice, Childcare Policy, Child Clinical Psychology, Theory and Practice of Group Counseling, etc.

Potential Career Paths after Obtaining the Degree

Preschool teacher, Childcare center director, Child counselor, Youth counselor, Jobs related to publication of children's books and media, Children's textbook development and research, Children's rights and welfare specialist, Writer or director for children's programs, Central and local government's child related policy developer, etc.

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