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China Studies

China Studies

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The Department of Chinese Language and Culture was established in 1980 as the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, College of Education, aiming at fostering Chinese experts with systematic and in-depth knowledge on Chinese society and culture as well as fluency in Chinese. Later in 1981, according to reorganization of the school system of the Inha University and social demands for professionals in China equipped with various knowledge and competency at work place, the Department changed its belonging to the College of Humanities in 1981 and was renamed the Department of Chinese and Sinology in 1989, and then, in 2012, to the Department of Chinese Language and Culture as it became affiliated to the College of Foreign Language, Literatures, and Cultures. In 2013, since the Inha University reformed its system in full measure for new education fulfilling globalized modern society, the Department again belonged to the College of Humanities and has run a race to nurture capable students who can lead original change in Korea as well as in the world based on their professional knowledge on China.

Program Goals

Professionalism : Students are guided to gain application ability and analytical skills in various Chinese-related issues through systematic and in-depth education about Chinese society and culture along with cultivating fluency in Chinese language.
Informatization : Students are directed to achieve information about China and communication skills using high technology and media in order to get problem-solving ability for China-related issues.
Practical Creativity : Students are trained to have comprehensive and creative competence to produce values for new changes and development as well as ability to create business plan and to execute task using their knowledge about China in various fields.
Internationalization : Students are directed to attain a qualification to lead a new change in the 21th Century while they actively adapt to the change between Korea-China relations and to global environmental change caused by the emergence of China.

Educational Objectives

On the basis of the founding spirit of the Inha University, which fosters men to contribute to coexistence of the mankind and development of the country based on sound personality, ideology and in-depth studies, the Department of Chinese Language and Culture aims at nurturing talents with leadership, challenging spirit, and creativity based on their perspective and knowledge on the world including China.

Vision after Graduation

Most of our graduates have entered large firms and mid-sized firms working in fields of planning, management and marketing. Some of them hold public posts in multiple fields and educational fields through civil service examinations and teacher certification examinations and some others are actively involved in fields of journalism, academia, accounting or tax.

  • Large Firm : Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hanjin, GS, Hanhwa, Doosan, Hyosung, etc.
  • Financial Company and Journalism : Financial companies including Samsung Securities, Kookmin Bank, Hana Bank, Woori Bank, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation and the press including KBS, SBS, and Christian broadcasting, etc.
  • Mid-sized Firm : Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, POSCO, various public corporations, shipping companies, publishing companies, travel agencies and other service industry. Government Agency : Civil servant in each of the government agencies, (7-5th grade), the National Police Agency, tax office and etc.
  • Educational World : Universities, research institutes, primary, middle and high school and etc.
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