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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

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Artistic endeavor satisfies the instinctive search for beauty with new concepts for multi-layers of visual arts, which enriches our lives. In addition to allowing students to realize their dreams aesthetically and creatively, the study of pure arts, historically, is the foundation for other applied arts. The Department of Fine Arts has distinct degree programs: Painting and Multimedia sculpture, Art theory and management. After one year of basic courses in plane drawing and solid modeling, students basically may select either Korean or Modern painting or Multimedia sculpture for further in-depth study. This department aims to produce an artist with a full sense of pure art-producer, as well as many roles in the various fields of arts; critiques, educator, art-dealers, art- administrators in a practical sense.

Program Information

The program provides general introductory courses such as Introductory art theories, and Anatomy of Fine Arts, etc. There are also practice-oriented courses such as Concept-Drawing, Solid Modeling, Plane Modeling, Photography, Printmaking, and Korean Ink Drawing. To aid students in adapting to the changing world of arts and to expand their understanding of making arts, the department has also opened the following courses: Digital Image, New Media Art, and field-study as Visiting Galleries and Studios, along with The Art of Comics.

Vision after Graduation

The Department of Fine Arts has designed its program for those artists whose passions are oriented toward artistic creations as well as art educators and art-managers. Graduates may choose to manage a personal artistic studio, or as a gallery curator, dealers, or take a teaching position. And art-journalist in dominant art magazines. Art-administrator in private and civic cultural organizations, etc. A diverse range of other jobs related to visual arts and designs are available to graduates and encouraged only by their artistic ability.

For Further Inquiry

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