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Inha University


Design Convergence

Visual Communication Design


Conventional graphic design programs have focused on print medium and graphic imaging related to corporate identity, typography, editorial, advertising and packaging design. The rapid development of current digital technology, however, has broadened the realm of design to include Computer-Generated Imagery and Sound, web design, animation, 3D Graphic and film design. The Visual communication and multimedia design course offers students a solid foundation in conventional design, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of modern design trends. based on those combination of design areas and aims to The result is a professional designer who excels as a communicator in a complex multi-media period.

Program Objectives

This program prepares students to become creative designers with an integrated design philosophy. Through theoretical study and realistic industrial experience, students are exposed to global trends, develop communication skills and acquire a foundation of design theory and application. The courses offered to students promote a creative and intelligent approach to all areas of design. Furthermore, our joint honors program in design offers an opportunity to study design alongside a range of other subjects for a more in depth, aesthetic, technological, and critical design education.

Program Information

The course aims to produce experienced visual communication experts through :

  • an interdisciplinary approach in both theoretical and practical study with emphasis on creativity
  • balanced development of technical and artistic skills as purveyors of culture
  • development of good communication skills and an appreciation of global trends
  • realistic industrial experience within a professional studio environment
  • We encourage graduates to be intelligent designers on links with overall realms of visual communication art.

Vision after Graduation

We offer a stimulating mix of practical projects and context modules which allow our graduates to use their expertise as designers and consultants within design studios, advertising agencies, web-design agencies and broadcasting. The course opens career opportunities in design management as a design curator or design planner and some graduates further advance academic careers in postgraduate studies.

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