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Theater and Film Studies

Theater and Film Studies

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By studying and practicing the theatrical and cinematic arts, students are taught to apply them to a variety of areas, such as theater, film, and stage plays. Also, through being trained by the best faculty in the field, students are empowered to find artistically satisfying jobs after graduation. There are four specialized majors - theatrical theory, directing, acting and musical art - in the department, which focus on cultivating experts needed in the development of theater art and film art. The department aims to rear fine professionals in the world of theater and the film industry who hold both the traditional and creative as guiding principles.

Program Information

The curriculum is divided into theory and practice. Theoretical subjects are exemplified by Theory of Image and The History of Theatre. Practical subjects are Acting, Directing stage productions, Screen Writing and Film Production.

Vision after Graduation

Department of Theatre and Film graduates are actively working in this field as a producers, actors, television producers, a film directors, writers, camera directors, and reporters.

For Further Inquiry

Department Office : 032-860-8240.

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