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Inha University


Fashion Design & Textiles

Fashion Design & Textiles

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"Educating Fashion Professionals of Tomorrow"
The Department of Fashion Design and Textiles offers comprehensive studies which encompass humanities, arts and culture, and science and technology, and aim to produce professionals who understand the entire scope of the apparel industry - from raw materials to design, manufacturing to sale of apparel. With its emphasis on nurturing a cosmopolitan mindset, expertise and specialty, the department offers practice-oriented design education as well as opportunities for in-depth academic research in order to produce talented workforce with the creativity and motivation required in today's apparel industry and research field. Course work includes apparel and textile materials basics, fashion design, manufacturing process design and clothing construction, merchandising planning, marketing, distribution and sale. The curriculum is formulated to enable students to gain expertise in each specialty area and to tap into a variety of other fields by attending joint classes organized in collaboration with other majors. Since 1981, the department has produced a large number of talented professionals, who are working actively in the fashion apparel industry, the textile industry, retailing, research and education.

Program Goals

he department aims to produce professionals with creativity and practical skills based on a theoretical foundation in the fashion design and textiles field, who have an understanding of technologies, information and knowledge related to the fashion industry, so that they can lead the fashion industry and contribute to society.

Program Objectives

To teach to the students theories and knowledge of the fashion design and textiles field and help students to learn expertise and skills for application
To produce fashion professionals adaptable to the changing requirements of the fashion industry, as well as society, through practice-oriented training
To nurture forward-thinking and creativity in students to help them succeed in the globalized fashion industry

Vision after Graduation

Upon graduation, students may choose to continue their education at a graduate school for more in-depth research into the field; or, they may land a position in various specialty areas, such as apparel materials, merchandise planning, fashion design, apparel manufacturing, retailing and research/education.

Vision after Graduation
Area Career Industry/Company
Textiles Industry Textile Designer
Textile Developer
Textile Planner
Textile Converter
Textile Material Companies
Textile Companies
Export Companies
Apparel Industry Fashion Designer
Accessory Designer
Fashion Merchandiser
Modelist/Patterner Colorist
Visual Merchandiser
Fashion Promotion
Fashion Industry
Promotion Companies
Apparel Manufacturers
Buying/Sourcing Companies
Import/Export Companies
Retail Industry Buyer Merchandiser Product Manager Shopping Host Shop Master Department Stores Home Shopping Companies Discount Stores Internet Shopping Stores
Research/Education Researcher
Junior High/High School Teacher
Fashion Trend Forecasting Company
Research Institutes (KATRI, KOTITI, FITI Testing &Research Institute) Consumer
Protection Board
Other Areas Fashion Journalist
Fashion Photographer/Ad
Ad Companies
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