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Inha University


Foundation Ideals and Educational Objectives


Ideals of Inha:

Development of Character, Search for the Truth, and Service to Society

Founded in 1954 to fulfill the dearest wish of empowering and bringing prosperity to the nation, Inha University stands for the Ideals of building students' characters, searching for the truth and serving society in order to embody the University's founding principles of creativity, diligence and service.

“Truth” the school’s motto, indicates we as a research university endeavor to contribute to improving the nation as well as all human society, to embark on great ventures into the world, and to attain academic achievements in our quest for truth through continuous education and training. On the basis of the above ideals, we strive to attain the following goals to build character in our students, foster healthy ideas, and achieve our educational objective of cultivating talented individuals who will contribute to the development of the nation and human society by studying profound theories and applying them in reality.


To nurture talented individuals who contribute to the betterment of humanity based on ethical conduct and critical judgement
We strive to cultivate these qualified leaders by offering a diverse general education program to equip our students with knowledge, morality and deepening multi-disciplinary scientific knowledge and technology.


To foster talented individuals who possess creativity and the ability to rise to the challenge with insight into global trends, while pursuing practical knowledge and truth
We endeavor to develop a practical field of science so to hold a prominent position academically and internationally.


To nurture talented individuals who possess the skills to lead the nation and pursue prosperity for its people
Since we are located in the Incheon Megalopolis, which is positioned on the geographical axis of the Northeast Asia, we have the potential to lead our nation’s future and to assume the role of the key source for higher education in the area.

To realize the school’s educational ideals mentioned above, all colleges have set academic goals and directions. Departments and majors within each college have also set their own educational goals in connection with their colleges’ goals, in order to structure, systemize and fulfill the school’s educational ideals, objectives and goals in the real world.


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