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Inha University


Chairman's Message


INHA Becoming a Globally Distinguished & Competitive University

In the 61 years since the founding of INHA University, we have contributed significantly to the high-quality education of well-trained individuals, the development of cutting-edge technology, the creation of new ideas and methods, and the discovery of new knowledge. Because of these contributions, our graduates have been top runners in the fields of industry and technology in Korea.

In the past few years, our staff, students, and alumni have been working with the local community to achieve impressive progress. Through constant innovation and adjustment, INHA University has opened opportunities for specialization, globalization and further development.

Currently, INHA is building a wide global campus in Songdo International City. Equipped with the innovation research facilities, INHA will prepare to be one of the top 100 universities in the world and a major force for further growth in Korea.

In addition, with the establishment of the Law School focusing on the fields of intellectual property and logistics, we have taken a further step to be a distinguished education institution. Through the founding of the Law School, we will not only contribute to the economy of the local community but also educate the best intellectuals who will resolve legal disputes in industry and economy.

We look to a brighter future through our commitment to a belief in education as a practical search for truth and truthful character. We will continually endeavor to insure that the strong character of INHA graduates brighten the country and the world. Hanjin Corporation will always walk in step with INHA into our brighter future.

Dr. Yang Ho Cho


Board of Trustees

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